My Art

As well as a love for Pole Fitness, I am also an artist. I draw a lot and love digital art. It’ll be something I am returning to school for in the fall. Here are some of my favorite pieces, soon to be for sale in my etsy shop! Enjoy!

Find my DeviantArt HERE

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This is one of my favorite things to draw, Jesse. She’s based off of one of my favorite artists Dean Yeagle.

sleepy_jesse__by_elisetrations-d62a8u1 astronaut_jesse_by_elisetrations-d68t5dh curious_jesse_by_elisetrations-d62qrpc

I also love to design monsters, mixes of species.


I love my pin-ups!


stone_woman_by_elisetrations-d6dt0t8 swirly_by_elisetrations-d62wj37 hephaestus_by_elisetrations-d61irjv just_a_girl_and_her_chaoyangsaurus_by_elisetrations-d6ep4as


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