Superfail, Sexapalooza and Shoes!

Tomorrow is….


I’ve been excited for weeks… up until last night where I was like “god I have to talk to strangers.” Now the only time that makes me nervous is when I have to think about it, when I’m actually in the situation I’m fine. But I’ve been repeating and repeating and repeating, what I’m going to say. We have a little thing to say to people, basically asking them if they’ve ever tried pole fitness, would they like to enter to win a free pole party, we have an open house next Sunday, I’ve pretty much memorized everything including prices for different things. That in itself is a miracle because numbers and I don’t mix. So wish me luck tomorrow! I’ll have my business cards out so hopefully I’ll get some more traffic, although my traffic is pretty darn good, it’d always be great to have some new followers!

So last night was pole class, I was so excited to go but I’m not going to lie I was very nervous on the drive over, it was snowing all yesterday and it made it extremely messy to drive in. I didn’t take the same damn road that’s for sure! I was happy to see my pole girls again, but sad that my best friend wasn’t there. Her pole was so empty, so alone, it was sad!

We attempted to learn the superman last night!


It wasn’t as painful as I thought it was going to be, it definitely twists the skin though, it kind of reminds me of the pain that you feel when you first try to sit on the pole. But that’s what gives me hope, I can now sit on the pole with absolutely no pain.

We got into the superman via star fish, it was pretty funny, of course my teacher (a different teacher, my actual teacher was sick, poor her) was like “just lift up your leg off the pole and twist” And there I am in starfish looking at her like “… I just do what now?” Not as easy as it sounds, definitely something I’ll be practicing at home because it’s definitely a move that I want to learn.

I also attempted Jade last night, and let me tell you people, you need your splits down, and I mean need… This is what jade is supposed to look like.


Darko Photography

You see how the legs are at a 180 degree angle, meaning straight and flat. Yea well I was pretty much at a 110 degree angle. I have quite the way to go when it comes to this move because I need my splits! But that’s what Front Splits Friday is for! I’m excited to see if I’ve made any progress, I know it’s only been a week, but that’s a full week of stretching every day!

So I think I’ll have to head to a doctors soon, after pilates on Tuesday my hip has been really hurting, and this isn’t the first time I’ve had issues with that hip. I must have injured it at some point in time without knowing and now it’s bugging me when we do leg lifts. I don’t know if anyone’s ever experienced this pain, who reads this blog that may have some insight for me. It’s at the back of my hip right over my butt. It felt like my hip was going to pop out, such an awful feeling.

Alright now that I’ve been talking about it I’m now back to excited for Sexapalooza! I know that people I know read this blog and I hope you guys can go, if you want to see what pole fitness is all about this is the perfect opportunity. Plus there is tons of fun stuff to do, there’s fantastic shows, educational panels and lots (and I mean lots) of shopping! Not going to lie, I may check out the shoes, but I feel like if I come back with another pair of shoes my love may kill me! Poor guy, works all day, I take care of the house and our daughter (although so does he) and then his money gets spent on shoes. But he loves me so he has to put up with it. Speaking of shoes, here is a lovely pair I would just love to get my hands on!


So if anyone wants to buy me those, that’d be great!

Until tomorrow mes amours!

Routines and Shoes, what a girl loves!

I’ve been going on a pole video watching spree! There are so many amazing pole dancers that I aspire to be like. I’m going to show you some of my favorite videos on YouTube of dancers I consider to be amazing. Although there are many of them these are definitely favorite.

First off we have one of my absolute favorites, Roxanne by Anastasia Sokolova. This dance is just so beautifully artistic and the moves are just mind boggling. She’s also one of the most beautiful people I’ve seen on this planet which certainly isn’t a bad thing! She is definitely someone that I aspire after and when I’m at the strength level where I can pull of some of the higher skilled moves I know she’ll be someone I’m going to study day and night. She has just the right amount of sensuality to go with her routines that it creates a perfect balance.

Another routine that I love is Poisoned with love by Sergia Louise Anderson. This a very technical routine, lots and lots of moves. But every time I watch it I absolutely can’t take my eyes off it. It’s so amazing! I really don’t know the names of half the moves she performs to be honest, I’m not at a high enough level to perform half of them. Now I am not a clown lover, in fact I’m quite the opposite, I don’t like clowns at all. They’re too happy and it’s creepy! But I would gladly paint my face to perform a routine like this. It was also an excellent choice of song to use in the routine, it made it very powerful. She performed this routine at the 2013 National U.S Championship level 4. One more thing I love about this routine in the dance aspect, obviously this woman has taken some other type of dance, if she hasn’t then I’m even more impressed but this is something I have no background in so maybe one day I’ll take a class in it.

The next routine on my list of awesomeness is Naughty Ballerina by Michelle Shimmy. This woman, I swear her hips aren’t attached to her body. Can she ever shake that booty! Also something I’m not good at but want to practice at. But how does one practice shaking a booty that’s not there! Squats, that’s what I figure, get the booty, get the muscle, and shake the muscle! So I’m working at it! This routine is a very sexy routine, it’s artistic in its own way but sometimes you know what, you just want get down and dirty and get sexy, and shimmy definitely nails it!

Now to show you one close to home! This is a routine by a couple of girls from the studio I’m at. It’s Applause by Julie and Chantelle. It was a routine they performed at Sexapalooza back in October, this is something I hope to do one day. I don’t know if I’ll ever compete but I’d love to perform. Now this is a really impressive routine to me because it’s a doubles routine, not only is it plain hard to stay in time with someone else but they also both go on one pole which is flabbergasting to me. This is something that I hope to do one day with one of my pole girls.

So those are some of my favorite routines, I would have added more but I didn’t want to completely bombard you with videos. It’s so very hard to pick your favorite routines, but I figured if I’ve watched them 10 times then I probably really like them.

I forgot to share a picture yesterday! I got some new shoes from a local sex store the other day. Love the girls that worked there by the way, they were very helpful and friendly, not only that but the girl who rang up my shoes put a smile on my face for the rest of the night. Let me explain, there’s a strip club attached to the sex shop (surprise!) and I guess the girls there get a discount, so after I had explained the shoes were for pole dancing she decided to be ever so nice and give me the dancers discount. Of course I laughed, but you know what, any money saved on shoes is a deal! After the receipt came out she said that the only thing I had to do was sign it with my stripper name. I jumped on that request! So I scribbled down Pandora, which I now realize I have to practice on because if I ever had a stage name, it would most definitely be Pandora! Pandoraxxsin has been my gamer tag forever! (Feel free to add me to xbox) And my name in WoW was also Pandora, and pretty much any game that has ever needed a name, it has been Pandora.

So that pretty much made that night for me. Oh and here are the beautiful shoes I bought. They’re pleasers and I’ve never owned a white pair of shoes but these are so damn pretty! The heel has crystals in it that are all sparkly, love them!

ShoesI decided to leave the other smoothie recipe for tomorrow so as not to overwhelm you guys. So until tomorrow mes amours!

The 12 days of Polemas! The Christmas list of a poler!

Christmas tree

So it’s that wonderful time of the year! The time of family and friends, sitting around the fireplace laughing, and of course gift giving. Personally I’m not big on receiving expensive gifts, as many people, I’d be happy with just some baked deliciousness. I do however love to give gifts! I love making gifts, I love buying gifts (I love shopping, even Christmas shopping). So how about that pole dancer in your life? What on earth can you get her? Well here’s my list of top 10 gifts for a pole dancer!

10. Pole Cleaner & Cloth


An inexpensive gift that can easily be personalized, a great make it yourself gift! Pole cleaner is really just rubbing alcohol, it helps with stick and gives your pole a nice shine. We clean our poles consistently, especially when were using them. Go out and find a microfiber cloth (pink is always preferable, or perhaps purple! Find out your polers favorite color). Get a neat bottle, doesn’t have to be black, maybe there’s a white one and you can decorate it with different paints or stickers. Or I’m sure because it’s around Christmas time, you could even find a Christmas themed bottle!

9. Wrist Bands


These are the wristbands from my home studio, 3sixty dance and fitness! These helped my wrists immensely when I was having problems with them while on the pole. I didn’t think they would help much but honestly my wrists haven’t hurt since, I can’t tell you why, it might just add that little bit of support I needed while building the muscles. Also helps a lot when trying to avoid pole burn on your wrists!

8. Leg Warmers


fashion_catch on

Not only fashionable but great if you’re living in Canada! Even in the winter my pole studio has its air on, because lets face it, even in the middle of winter when you start your spinning you’re getting hot. But when you first get there, it’s freezing! So these are perfect as a Christmas gift.

7. Alethea Austin’s Sexy Fundamentals and Floorwork DVD

Floor work is a very important part of pole dancing, it’s a sexy transition that splits up your routine. Not everyone is naturally talented at it though, and so this DVD is a great Christmas gift to help that poler in your life get her floor work down. It’s actually the only DVD I know of that covers floor work. If you know of others, let me know in the comments below!

6. Spa Day


It’s self explanatory! There’s no secret here, after a night of hitting the pole hard it feels like your muscles have been beaten to a pulp. Walking down stairs is the biggest feat of the day, sitting is even painful. We’ve all been there, where we’ve pushed ourselves too far. A spa day is our answer, a gift certificate to a local spa would be a perfect Christmas gift for that poler in your life!

5. Dewpoint


I have praised this product before in my post HERE . It is literally a life saver in Canada which is why its up here on the list. I don’t think I’d be able to preform a single thing if it weren’t for this miracle worker. Available on for Americans and Ebay for anybody, this is probably one of the most used items I have in my pole bag. So if it’s winter and you live in a cold climate, get the ultra formula of this stuff because you will have no regrets!

4. Gym Bag

The reason this is so high on the list is because it’s from one of my favorite artists, Leen Isabel. She does the pole dancing adventure comics, and this is definitely one thing I’d love to own. I love showing people the pride I have in pole dancing, I’m not ashamed of it at all because I understand the incredible strength and dedication it takes to do it. And those who think otherwise, who call me a stripper, well I educate them and dare them to try and lift their own body weight in gravity defying moves!

3. Pole Attire


Pole dancing clothes! I love shopping, I love online shopping, and I love shopping for clothes so I am consistently keeping an eye out for clothes that would make good clothes for a pole photo shoot. The rope like clothing is the best because it looks sexy but still allows you to have the grip necessary to preform moves. There are tons of sites that cater to pole dancers so go put a wish list together girls!

2. Pole Membership


One of the only things I dislike about pole is the fact it’s such an expensive obsession, I mean, hobby. Don’t get me wrong, it’s completely worth it, pole makes me very happy but debt makes me unhappy, so this would be one of the best Christmas gifts you could get a poler. But like I said it’s expensive, so if you can’t dish out the cash, giving a poler a little bit of money towards her pole-tuition is something she would be completely grateful for (or he, I do know some male pole dancers)



Pleaser Shoes & Boots

So normally I would put the membership at number one but I’m in love with shoes, so shoes came first. There are so many sites with great shoes, including Pleaser Shoes & Boots! Which is a great site for ordering in bulk because it’s wholesale, so get some pole girls together and order, or you know, if you’re a shoe-holic like myself, an entire order for yourself! But there are plenty of other sites that sell excellent pole shoes, or (usually) a local sex shop sells these sexy boots.

So that’s my top 10 list of Christmas gifts perfect for a pole dancer/fitness enthusiast! If anyone wants to get me anything off the list, I won’t fight it! I normally don’t like receiving gifts but I’ll make an exception for some of these! Of course I’m joking… or am I… Anyways enjoy your day, I know I will, it’s pole day! Which means to my home studio tonight! Until tomorrow my loves!

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A poleitical post, because it’s the only type of politics I like

Did you catch that typo? GOOD! It was meant to be there because Monday was a super exciting day. Not only was it the day I got my new pole but it was also the day that I got my brand new purple Poleitical Clothing shorts!

1461783_10152056552047464_2004758349_nAren’t they sexy! And isn’t my cat ridiculous, it was a ‘if I fits I sits’ situation, but Méla is relatively small so fitting isn’t too hard for her.

This isn’t the first time I’ve ordered from Poleitical Clothing either, I’ve also acquired the black version of these shorts and I have to say they are probably one of the most comfortable shorts I’ve worn to pole. They breath easy, they’re light and tight, and they’re high enough to give you lots of room for grip.

I sent them a thank you yesterday because one of my favorite things about this company is the hand written notes that come with your package. And no it’s not one of those “hey look they sent us a hand written note, oh wait, that’s blue printer ink in a hand written font” No no, these are legit ‘hand written with a pen and even include your name’ notes! The fact they take the time to do that with all the other orders they have is one of the main reasons that I’ll keep ordering from them, I love the love that’s put into it!

Now I was also lucky enough to get to ask them a few questions and even get a speedy response so as I could include it in todays blog. Continue on below because I just adore these two girls, they are just that energy that you would love to have around you all the time!

Left: Danielle Right: Courtney Photo Credit:  George Grigorian of Poleagraphy

Left: Danielle
Right: Courtney
Photo Credit: George Grigorian of Poleagraphy

I noticed that it’s two of you that run the company, are you two pole friends or just long time friends, maybe both?

We actually did not know each other very well before we started the company! We are both students at The Pole Garage in Santa Monica, CA – we met through a Facebook group for students of The Pole Garage and started chatting about how much we wanted t shirts with “Keep Calm and Pole Dance” on them – next thing we knew, we were meeting at a Starbucks and plotting our venture! Courtney comes from a background in the fashion industry, and Danielle comes from an acting and art background, so the partnership really plays to our individual strengths! 
Are you both avid pole dancers/fitness enthusiasts? If so how often are you in a studio or at home working on it
We both LOVE pole. Like, obsessed, watching-videos-all-the-time, stalking-the-internet-for-new-moves obsessed. But, our lives are busy, so we try to get into the studio once or twice a week. Courtney does have a pole at home, but Danielle no longer does (she’s looking forward to getting a new one!). 
I’ve also noticed on your fb page it mentions that you were started in 2012, is that just the fb page or are you running a fairly young company?
We are a fairly young company! We did start in mid-2012, and our official debut of our shorts and tanks was at the 2012 California Pole Dance Championship, in October of 2012. We’ve grown steadily, and we absolutely love seeing orders come in from all across the world! The Pole Community is so tremendous – we’re very lucky to be a part of it! All of our artwork is original, as are our logos and tag lines – we have such a blast dreaming up fun ideas for our line!
What is the furthest country you’ve shipped to? (or any really random countries you would not have expected to get orders from)
Oh, wow…We just shipped an order to Monaco, which was a new country for us, but we have shipped almost everywhere but Asia (hey, Asia – call us!). We’ve got a lot of fans from Australia and all over Europe – France, Germany, England – and we’ve shipped to Brazil, Russia, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, South Africa…it’s so amazing to see the response from so far away! Thank goodness for Google Translate! 🙂 We’re just now branching out into wholesale, too, and we’re excited to see the response!
I’ve seen some photos of your booths set up, what’s the next convention you’re planning on attending if any?
We are based in Los Angeles, CA, so most of the shows we have sold at are centered in the city. We are still deciding on whether we’ll be doing Pole Show LA in January, or Pacific Pole Championships in March, but ultimately, we’d love to branch out and make it to Pole Expo, especially since it’s in Vegas – very close to LA! We’ll definitely get the word out if we can swing Pole Expo – it’ll be all over our Social Media pages (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – we’re very big on interacting on Instagram – the pole community on there is amazing), and we’ll do a newsletter blast, too!
A special thanks to you ladies for taking the time to answer my questions, I loved hearing from you, and you can expect to hear from me soon because I have my eyes set on the Poleitical Clothing tote! I need a new bag to bring to pole!
For someone like myself looking to start a pole line of items (Not clothes, I’ll leave that up to these girls because they’re doing a fantastic job) it really gives me a glimmer of hope that I may be able to get somewhere some day. They’ve accomplished so much from starting in 2012 it really is amazing, hard work and a dream can pay off.
This is one of the main things I’ll be selling in the upcoming weeks. Pole pillows, they’re incredibly soft and cuddly. So keep an eye on this blog for updates on how you can get your own Pole Pillow!
Front and Back view

Front and Back view

Poleitical Clothing 
Adieu mes amours! Until tomorrow!