Archive | July 2014

My poor pole!

My poor pole is being ignored, I finally cleaned up the crap in my garage in order to actually have the room to pole though. Unfortunately I tried to pole yesterday and I could do nothing except for master the art of slipping down the pole due to it being a very hot and humid day, which is about ten fold hotter in my garage.

I will attempt again tonight, I really need to do something, I’ve gained all my weight back. Isn’t that funny though, took me a good year to lose 20 lbs which I gained back in about half that time. I definitely don’t have the body that can just sit around and do nothing and have that weight stay off. Time to get back on that healthy band wagon!

I need to find a mix that works for me, like eating healthy most of the time and working out a couple times a week. I went really hardcore last time and I think that was my downfall, eventually I was tired of trying so hard. I need to find a balance.

Well hope to see you guys around soon!