Me, Myself and I! Elise

I’m just a normal girl, living in Ontario. I have a lot of passions, a few hobbies and big dreams. My daughter Alice is the light of my life as well as a part time demon  strong willed little girl. I also live with the love of my life and consider myself to be so lucky to be so close with my parents and siblings.

I’m also an artist who will be heading back to school in September 2014 (for the final time) and of course a pole enthusiast (enthusiast is putting it lightly to be honest… obsessed is probably the word I’m looking for)

Why I decided to make this blog, well, I know there are many out there like me, parents and pole dancers, I’ve met them, and I’m always amazed with their accomplishments. So this blog will be filled with nutrition tips, exercises, art, pole tips, and my daily life! I post once a week, right now on varying days.

I want to thank you as well as welcome you to my own personal little journey!


Have any inquiries? E-mail me at


5 thoughts on “Me, Myself and I! Elise

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