Spinning pole = Exorcist! Lets fix this!

I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck! We had our actual pilates teacher on Tuesday and let me tell you, she is damn serious! At one point my head wasn’t down far enough so she came over and without a word just shoved it down. She’s like boot camp serious and I love it, it’s exactly what I need, it pushes me further. Only issue is that this class is the day before pole, so when it came to pole Wednesday night, my abs were like “no way man!” but my mind was like “shut up body, we’re doing this and you’re going to like it!”

The warm up was killer, it focuses a lot at the beginning on your core. But once we started the routine my body just seemed to forget about its aches and pains! Pole is magical in that way, at least for me it is. Doesn’t matter if I’m stressed out, tired, sore or other, when I’m doing pole that’s where my mind and body is at that moment. I said it the other day, Pole is good for the soul!

Last night I managed to get a really awkward move down called cupids bow and arrow. And I say it’s awkward because of how you get into it, I can’t even really explain it, all I can say is I spent 5 minutes waving my arms around trying to find the pole before my teacher came over and helped me out. I think it’s a beautiful hold, I really like it. I also got another one but didn’t manage to get a picture of it so I’ll have to try to get that picture next week!


Yesterday before class started, the pole girls and I were sitting in the change room waiting for the group before us to be over, they’re a level 1 class, and a girl came out early. She wasn’t feeling very well, and asked us if when we were in the first level if we ever got over the dizziness. And while I wasn’t sure about the other two girls I know for me at least it took a while. I would have to sit off to the side after doing the routine a couple of times because I would be totally nauseous.

I’m not good with carnival rides, or even car rides for that matter. If I’m not in the front seat, I’m nauseous. It all changed for me after pregnancy, I used to be able to handle it no problem but something about pregnancy changed it for me. So can you imagine me on spinny pole? I feel like I’m going to wind up coming up with a new move called the exorcist where I grip onto the pole for dear life while spinning and throwing up everywhere!

I actually got some help from my aunt with this problem because she had a similar problem, and now I am going to share these exercises with you!

You have to do them every day to be really effective, but I did them a couple times a week and it still helped me. These are done very slowly if you do them too fast they will make your dizziness and sickness worse. You might feel a bit woozy the first couple of times, but once your vestibular system gets used to it, your brain will follow.

It is very important for all of these exercises that you move your head and eyes very slowly.

Exercise 1 – Gaze stabilization Side to Side DO THIS VERY SLOWLY Hold your thumb out in front of your face arm fully extended Focus on your thumb – Never take your eyes of your thumb Very slowly turn your head to the right but keep your eyes focused on your thumb and then turn your head very slowly back to center keeping your eyes focused on your thumb. Repeat this 2-3 times. Do the same for the left side, and be sure to keep your eyes on your thumb at all times.

Exercise 2 – Gaze stabilization Diagonal Hold your thumb out in front of your face arm fully extended Focus on your thumb – Never take your eyes of your thumb Same exercise as above but this time you will move your head on a diagonal from center to top right then back to center (your eyes will be looking down to the left if you are looking up to the right). Do not strain your eyes only do what feels comfortable. Do this very slowly. Repeat 2-3 times You will repeat the same exercise for all 4 corners, so you will be doing center to upper right and back to center, center to lower left and back to center, center to upper left and back to center, and center to lower right and back to center.

Exercise 3 – Gaze Stabilization Up and Down Hold your thumb out in front of your face arm fully extended Focus on your thumb – Never take your eyes of your thumb Same exercise as above but this time you will move your head up and down from center Do not strain your eyes only do what feels comfortable. Do this very slowly. Repeat 2-3 times. You will repeat the same exercise for both up and down, so you will be doing center and look up – when your head moves up your eyes should be looking down focusing on your thumb. Then you will do center and look down – when your head moves down your eyes should be looking up focusing on your thumb.

Exercise 4 – VOR Cancellation This is the exercise helps your eyes and vestibular system to focus properly when the position of your head or body moves suddenly (spinning, getting up quickly, like roller coasters or Pole Spinning Hold your thumb out in front of your face arm fully extended Focus on your thumb – Never take your eyes off your thumb Sit in a chair that can spin 360 degrees. Spin the chair slowly around 360 to the right first and repeat spinning 360 to the left. Lift your feet off the floor when you do this – your eyes are never taken off your thumb so you will be spinning in the chair with your arm extended and you focusing on your thumb. Right before you come back to your starting point put your feet to the floor and stop your chair suddenly. Your eyes and head will never move, they should always be focused on your thumb. People with dizziness issues often a misfire between what the eyes are doing and what the brain thinks they are doing. The eyes don’t get the message from the brain to catch up to the motion fast enough which causes nausea motion sickness feeling. Repeat 2x each direction. You will feel really dizzy the first couple of times you do this, but once your brain is retrained to match what your eyes are doing, you will be able to do this easily.

Do all 4 exercises twice per day (should only take you 3-5 mins max to do all 4 exercises). Don’t do any more than twice a day.

They feel odd to do at first but you get used to them. But to be honest it helped out, but majority of me not feeling so nauseous came from continuing pole. Practice, practice, practice, I found my body eventually just got used to it, but these exercises definitely helped. So try them out and see if they help you!

Do you have any tips or tricks to help you from becoming motion sick? Let me know in the comments below! I would love to learn some new tricks to help me out.

Routines and Shoes, what a girl loves!

I’ve been going on a pole video watching spree! There are so many amazing pole dancers that I aspire to be like. I’m going to show you some of my favorite videos on YouTube of dancers I consider to be amazing. Although there are many of them these are definitely favorite.

First off we have one of my absolute favorites, Roxanne by Anastasia Sokolova. This dance is just so beautifully artistic and the moves are just mind boggling. She’s also one of the most beautiful people I’ve seen on this planet which certainly isn’t a bad thing! She is definitely someone that I aspire after and when I’m at the strength level where I can pull of some of the higher skilled moves I know she’ll be someone I’m going to study day and night. She has just the right amount of sensuality to go with her routines that it creates a perfect balance.

Another routine that I love is Poisoned with love by Sergia Louise Anderson. This a very technical routine, lots and lots of moves. But every time I watch it I absolutely can’t take my eyes off it. It’s so amazing! I really don’t know the names of half the moves she performs to be honest, I’m not at a high enough level to perform half of them. Now I am not a clown lover, in fact I’m quite the opposite, I don’t like clowns at all. They’re too happy and it’s creepy! But I would gladly paint my face to perform a routine like this. It was also an excellent choice of song to use in the routine, it made it very powerful. She performed this routine at the 2013 National U.S Championship level 4. One more thing I love about this routine in the dance aspect, obviously this woman has taken some other type of dance, if she hasn’t then I’m even more impressed but this is something I have no background in so maybe one day I’ll take a class in it.

The next routine on my list of awesomeness is Naughty Ballerina by Michelle Shimmy. This woman, I swear her hips aren’t attached to her body. Can she ever shake that booty! Also something I’m not good at but want to practice at. But how does one practice shaking a booty that’s not there! Squats, that’s what I figure, get the booty, get the muscle, and shake the muscle! So I’m working at it! This routine is a very sexy routine, it’s artistic in its own way but sometimes you know what, you just want get down and dirty and get sexy, and shimmy definitely nails it!

Now to show you one close to home! This is a routine by a couple of girls from the studio I’m at. It’s Applause by Julie and Chantelle. It was a routine they performed at Sexapalooza back in October, this is something I hope to do one day. I don’t know if I’ll ever compete but I’d love to perform. Now this is a really impressive routine to me because it’s a doubles routine, not only is it plain hard to stay in time with someone else but they also both go on one pole which is flabbergasting to me. This is something that I hope to do one day with one of my pole girls.

So those are some of my favorite routines, I would have added more but I didn’t want to completely bombard you with videos. It’s so very hard to pick your favorite routines, but I figured if I’ve watched them 10 times then I probably really like them.

I forgot to share a picture yesterday! I got some new shoes from a local sex store the other day. Love the girls that worked there by the way, they were very helpful and friendly, not only that but the girl who rang up my shoes put a smile on my face for the rest of the night. Let me explain, there’s a strip club attached to the sex shop (surprise!) and I guess the girls there get a discount, so after I had explained the shoes were for pole dancing she decided to be ever so nice and give me the dancers discount. Of course I laughed, but you know what, any money saved on shoes is a deal! After the receipt came out she said that the only thing I had to do was sign it with my stripper name. I jumped on that request! So I scribbled down Pandora, which I now realize I have to practice on because if I ever had a stage name, it would most definitely be Pandora! Pandoraxxsin has been my gamer tag forever! (Feel free to add me to xbox) And my name in WoW was also Pandora, and pretty much any game that has ever needed a name, it has been Pandora.

So that pretty much made that night for me. Oh and here are the beautiful shoes I bought. They’re pleasers and I’ve never owned a white pair of shoes but these are so damn pretty! The heel has crystals in it that are all sparkly, love them!

ShoesI decided to leave the other smoothie recipe for tomorrow so as not to overwhelm you guys. So until tomorrow mes amours!

Beginner moves! Because everyone has to start somewhere!

Good morning beautiful people! Today’s a good day, today is a sushi day and a day I get to spend with my family because it’s one of those rare days that my love actually has off. There is also currently a beautiful snowfall outside, which is always nice to watch… from inside obviously.

Today’s post is also a good one, today I’ll be going over some beginner pole moves with you! I’ve made some gifs and I’ll also add a description to the side of them. First remember to always stretch and warm up before preforming any moves! You can find my warm up routine HERE. Remember, I’m not an instructor yet so follow my instructions at your own risk, do not attempt anything that you feel is too uncomfortable, and prepare to use a lot of upper body muscle. Also these moves are named as I have learned them, unfortunately there are so many different names for the same moves, it just depends what studio you’re at!

I apologize for the darkness of the gifs, my main floor isn’t very well lit. Alright lets get to it!


The basic of basic, the first move you learn ever! The fireman spin!

First off, your inside arm (the arm closest to the pole) goes high.

Hook your outside ankle around the pole.

Lean away from the pole and swing forward, bringing your opposite leg up and behind the pole.

Don’t grip for dear life with your feet though, that’s how you wind up with nasty bruises on the tops of your feet.


SunwheelThe next move up on our list is the sunwheel!

Again, inside arm high.

Hook your outside ankle again as well.

But this time after you lean away and fall forward, instead of bringing your opposite foot behind the pole, you’re just going to lift and hold it out.

As silly as this sounds I’ve always thought of it as a dog peeing on a fire hydrant.


Backwards Sunwheel

Let’s switch it up! Now for the backwards sunwheel.

This time your outside arm is high (the arm furthest from the pole)

I find these moves take some getting used to because you need the lady balls to let yourself fall backwards.

Inside arm is low.

Bring your outside leg out and let it, and your body fall back, and as you do lift those legs into that dog peeing on a fire hydrant position.


Front hookFront Hook!

Inside arm is high.

Inside leg hooks up onto the pole.

Then just let your body fall out and forward .

Bring that other leg up as you spin and push those hips forward to give yourself a lovely form.

This move can be done with one hand but until you’re comfortable with two hands, do not attempt it.

back Hook

And of course this move has an opposite just like the sunwheel called the Back Hook.

Your outside arm is high, inside arm is low.

As you fall back with this one you’re simply going to lift up the leg closest to the pole and hook it. There’s very little movement with this one, it’s simpler than it looks.

Remember to point your toes!

This move also looks beautiful if you spin it right to the floor!


Chair Spin

The next move is the Chair Spin!

Another really simple move.

Inside arm is high, outside arm is low.

When you fall forward just bring your knees towards your chest and sit as if you were sitting in a chair!

Straight forward right?


Backwards Chair Spin

This move also has a reverse! Backwards Chair Spin.

Outside arm is high, inside arm low.

Leg out and let your body fall back.

As you do bring your knees to your chest and sit as if you were sitting in a chair.

These moves are good as transitions out of moves, such as carousel, which I might as well show you next.



This move is called Carousel, you guessed it!

These types of moves are my favorite because you just get to throw your body.

Inside arm is high, outside arm low.

As you lean forward and away you’re going to lift your legs behind you and don’t forget to arch that back!

This move is often paired with others as spin combos, such as carousel and back hook. But I’m not going to show you spin combos in beginners, I know you’re eager but patience equals perfection.


Spinning Eagle

This move is called the Spinning Eagle!

This is kind of a harder move because it really depends on the flexibility of your hamstrings. Even I can’t lift my legs as high as I’d like.

Inside arm is high, outside arm is low.

Swing your outside leg out and around and lift both of those legs as high as you can. This move can also be preformed with the carousel and it’s one of my favorite combos.



Fan Kick

This move is called the Fan Kick.

Your inside arm is low, your outside arm is high

This is a hard move to describe so really watch the gif.

Your inside leg is the one that’ll be kicking first and you follow it around with your opposite leg and spin




And lastly, it’s not a spin but it’s one of my favorite transitions in a routine because it can be preformed as fast or as slow as you’d like and it gives you time to catch your breath before you have to spin yourself into another whirlwind!

Start with your feet relatively close to the pole.

Start with your hips towards the pole then drop your booty down and around as you roll your chest into the pole as you go back up.

Practice this one in the mirror, it makes it 1000 times easier!



So those are some beginner moves! Practice them and love them because they are the start to some really impressive moves. They build muscle and get your body used to swinging around the pole because sooner or later you’re going to wind up having to do moves that require some major lady balls to perform and these will give you confidence.

Until tomorrow mes amours!

Improve your lower flexibility!

Good day wonderful people. You will never believe the internet troubles I’ve been having since Thursday night! Thanks to that I was unable to post on Friday, so I apologize! While my internet’s still not working 100% I’m still going to attempt to connect using my phone as a hotspot for just long enough to put up this post. There’s also a guy coming today to fix my interwebs, I’m going crazy without it! Do you know how much I rely on my internet? For e-mail, gaming, SHOPPING… I can’t shop! I had to shop on my phone the other day to get my daughters Christmas gift on sale. Very irritating!

Anyways down to business, today’s blog is all about improving your lower flexibility. I’ve put together a few stretches you can add in to the routine you have already. Best done after cardio (Remember, never stretch cold muscles) they’re easy and feel great. Remember, I’m not a fitness instructor (yet) so follow the following exercises at your own risk, and don’t forget pushing yourself is good, but not to the point where you may potentially injure your muscles.

The first stretch is the basic toe touch!

With feet apart, around hip width, maybe a little wider if you are just starting, bend down until you feel a stretch in the back of your legs.

If you don’t feel that stretch try standing your feet a little closer together, the closer they are the harder the stretch is.

Hold for 30 seconds, don’t forget to breath!










The next stretch is the deep glute stretch. I really enjoy this one! The pictures to the right is the same leg being stretched, just from two angles just to give you a better idea of what you’re doing.

So lay on your back, cross your leg onto your knee, the arm on the same side of the crossed leg goes through the hole in the middle, your other arm holds onto the outside.

Now you want to pull back the leg you’re hanging onto until you feel the stretch through your glute of the crossed leg.

Hold for 30 seconds and then switch legs and repeat!







image[2]This is called the cross over hamstring stretch. Again the picture is one leg from two angles to give you a better idea of the stretch.

So with one leg straight, cross the opposite leg over and then you’re going to want to reach out on the same side as the standing leg.

Reach as far as you can, remember to breath, and then when you think you can’t reach any further, breath out slowly and reach further! Do it! I know you can!

Hold for 30 seconds, then switch legs and repeat!








The next is the butterfly stretch, and the seated hip stretch.

The butterfly stretch it’s pretty straight forward, feet together and try to pull your knees to the floor using your muscles, not your arms.

The seated hip stretch is not a contest to see if you can touch your head to your feet, I can touch my head to my feet, but the point of this stretch is to push your chest down as far as you can until you feel the stretch in your hip sockets

Hold each of these poses for 30 seconds each!









image[4]Lastly are a hamstring and oblique stretch, and a hamstring stretch.

With the hamstring oblique stretch make sure your chest is facing outward as much as possible, less than it is to the floor. You’ll feel a nice stretch through your side and your hamstring. Remember to switch legs after you’re done holding that pose for 30 seconds.

After is the basic hamstring stretch. Again this is another move in which it’s less about getting your head to your leg, mainly because that’s simple with the help of your neck, really you want to be touching your chest to your leg as much as you can. Hold for 30 seconds and then switch legs!





And that’s it! If you want to go even further with your stretches you can include the thigh stretch, inner thigh stretch, hip flexor stretch and go into your front splits. All of these are included in my Pole cool down routine which you can find here! 

Until tomorrow mes amours!

Post pole cool down! Lets calm it down!

Good morning wonderful people! It’s a beautiful day here! For the time being, we’re also expecting a snow storm later on. And I have to do groceries, go figure. As promised I am now going to include you in on my super top secret (but not really) cool down, we do these in my pole class and it always feels great to end an intense workout with these stretches. And for a pre-pole warm up click HERE. Now remember, I am not a trained fitness instructor (yet) so follow this routine at your own risk, and don’t push yourself too far with the stretches, remember stretching is for your muscles not as a competition to see how far you can go.

photo 1


First off we have the tricep stretch, lightly pulling your elbow, give that tricep a good ol’stretch.

Hold it for 10-15 seconds and then switch arms.

Next we’re going to move on to the thigh stretch, hold it there again for about 10-15 seconds before moving on to the next leg.





photo 5



The next stretch is a bicep stretch!

Thumbs down, push your arms back until you feel that stretch right through your biceps. I really like this one just because you rely so heavily on your arms while doing pole.

Afterwards stretch one arm over to do the forearm stretch.

Hold it there for 10-15 seconds before switching over to the other arm!








photo 2



Next is the frog stretch!

Make sure your feet are pointed outwards.

And try and sit back as far as you can, you’ll feel the stretch, trust me.

The second picture is just a side view of the same stretch.

I usually hold this one for 30+ seconds.

After the frog stretch go into your center splits (which I forgot to take a picture of) hold for about a minute.





photo 3

Now go into an inner thigh stretch, hold it for 15 seconds and then switch to the opposite leg and repeat.




This one I’m pretty sure is a hip flexor stretch. Again this is another one I love, it feels so good to do.

Push forward on your front leg.

Hold for 15 seconds and then switch and repeat with the opposite leg.


Next we’re going into the front splits, now I can’t do it, but I’m working on it. Make sure your front foot is flexed to get more of a stretch.

Also breath, make sure you’re always breathing. I usually breath in and then try to push my splits a little further on my breath out, it’s all about relaxing your muscles. Hold for a minute on each side.

Don’t push too far because you can really pull your muscles on this move, and the horrible thing about that is that you won’t be able to stretch it properly for the next couple of days or even weeks. You put your muscles into a regression.


photo 4

Lastly we do the bridge. My bridge is actually better than picture but with only 10 seconds between my cameras timer and getting into the move, I had no time to fix my form.

When you’re in bridge you’re going to want to try and walk your hands to your feet until you feel a good stretch. Again this is another one you don’t want to push too far until you’re able to. I don’t know if this happens to everyone but for me, if I push it to far my back muscles cramp up, kind of like a foot cramp, and it really hurts.




After you’re done the stretch roll up into a ball and rock back and forth a little to stretch your muscles the other way.








Not pictured is a wrist stretch and a toe stretch so make sure you do those, they are equally as important! And always remember to stretch after your exercises, no matter the exercise. Until tomorrow good people! Tomorrow is pole day! YAY!

Pre-Pole warm up! Get those muscles going!

Good morning lovely people, I don’t know about you but here today it’s so dreary and gross out, I’d rather snow. That’s right! I said it! I’d rather the beautiful white snow then dull dark rain. But lets be honest, after Christmas, snow can just go away. I’m not a snowboarder or skier and not really a cold person in general, snows beautiful, but from inside a nice warm house, in front of a nice warm fireplace.

Speaking of warm, lets talk about getting those muscles warmed up before you hit the pole, well before you start spinning. Now keep in mind I am by no means a fitness instructor (yet) and if you choose to follow the routine I do, you do at your own risk! This is a mix of the warm up routine I was taught at the studio and some ones online that I just like. But it gets you nice and warmed up before you start so it’s perfect. Alright lets move on to the first move


Alright so I have no idea what half the moves are actually called so I’m going to give them my own names!

I call this one, lean back!

You start with your feet together, then lean back while sucking in your belly button and keeping your core tight.

You then bring yourself forward, head to your feet and repeat!

I do this one about 10-15 times.

Easy right? Well that’s just the first one!


This is called the crunchy thingy!

Balance yourself, knees bent, for about 10 seconds, then switch to legs up in a V position, hold for another 5 seconds!

Then you’re going to lean back, don’t lie down and keep your legs up off the ground, and then come back up into starting position.

Repeat the crunching action of the last two about 10-15 times.

Alright, alright, a little bit hard right?!


The side butt crunch!

Very similar to the above exercise, but instead of balancing on your full butt, you balance on  a cheek.

Do 10-15 times, and then repeat on the opposite side!

image[4]Now you’re going to lie back and do some (I know the name of this one) reverse crunches!

So lay on your back, your legs can either be straight up, or for an easier version, knees slightly bent.

For this exercise you’re only going to come a couple of inches off the ground. The whole point is to use your stomach muscles to crunch up.

No cheating! If you feel like you’re using your arms, stop it! USE THOSE STOMACH MUSCLES!

Do about 10 of these.


This is called the dive bomber, start in the downward dog position (do it better than I am in the first picture)

Then you’re going to drop your chest down into a push up position.

Followed by your butt and then bring your chest back up and push yourself back up into downward dog!

Repeat 5-10 times! This one makes my shoulders crack every time but they’re super good for your arms.


This is a shoulder mount prep move.

Lay on the group and grip the pole as you would for shoulder mount.

First bring your knees up, then back to the first position.

Next bicycle legs, one on the left, one on the right, and then back to first position. The lower your legs on this move the more you’re working your muscles.

Lastly leg lift both legs up, bring your butt a couple of inches off the ground and then slowly and with control, lower your legs back down to first position.

Rinse and repeat as many times until you really feel the burn in your lower stomach muscles.


Lastly, one of my favorite moves, the pole squat. I just find this one so much better because the pole forces you into a proper position.

Like everything in pole dancing, it’s done on the tips of your toes.

So it’s pretty straight forward, start standing, hands behind the pole. Then drop down into squat position and come back up.

Now make sure you’re using your legs for this exercise and not pulling yourself up with your hands.

To finish up this routine make sure you adequately warm up your shoulders with shoulder rolls and arm circles, and your wrists with wrist circles!

And that’s my warm up routine! Simple, sweet, but effective. And don’t forget to cool down, that will be my post on Tuesday! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, I have a baby shower for my best friend this Sunday so lots of preparation. I also have a CFL party at my parents on Sunday, why couldn’t one of these things be on Saturday, I have nothing to do Saturday. Anyways, until Monday mes amours!