The great return!

In less than 3 weeks I will be moving to a new house, it is an exciting time, but even more exciting is that I will have room to put up my pole! Thus I will make my great return to this blog and my fitness goals (which have been left behind since the birth of my son…yes there is a new little one in the family)

Lots of love!

My poor pole!

My poor pole is being ignored, I finally cleaned up the crap in my garage in order to actually have the room to pole though. Unfortunately I tried to pole yesterday and I could do nothing except for master the art of slipping down the pole due to it being a very hot and humid day, which is about ten fold hotter in my garage.

I will attempt again tonight, I really need to do something, I’ve gained all my weight back. Isn’t that funny though, took me a good year to lose 20 lbs which I gained back in about half that time. I definitely don’t have the body that can just sit around and do nothing and have that weight stay off. Time to get back on that healthy band wagon!

I need to find a mix that works for me, like eating healthy most of the time and working out a couple times a week. I went really hardcore last time and I think that was my downfall, eventually I was tired of trying so hard. I need to find a balance.

Well hope to see you guys around soon!


So I’ve been pretty MIA as of late, and I apologize, I’ve had some personal issues that I’m working on resolving but don’t worry they’ll be resolved relatively soon.

 I’m cutting down to a post a week, it’ll be on Fridays from now on but #FrontSplitsFriday will have to go on hold because I got an injury in pilates to my hip flexor that requires some rest.

I won’t be posting though until early April, so lets hope spring comes soon before I completely lose my sanity!

Keep Poling hard!

See you soon mes amours!

A Short Post…it’s just cold in here I swear!


I had a very Canadian weekend! I was up bright and early on Sunday (although I’m up at 6:30 every day regardless because that’s the life you live with young children) to watch the gold medal game. It was a fantastic game, not just because Canada won but because of how well the boys played. But I have to admit, it was nowhere near as stressful as the Canada Vs USA game, it was a tense game! You know the whole arch rivals, grrrrr! Having gotten gold in both the womens and mens hockey made me very proud to be Canadian, I know it’s not the only game in the Olympics but come on, I’m Canadian, it’s the most important to me!

So I’d love to have some pictures up of pole, I really would but I’ve been having trouble getting the will power to work out, I’m sure it’s because of the winter, I’m sure it’s because my brain is so full of stuff right now it’s just weighing me down. On Friday I was attempting to get into the superman from the star fish on my pole at home and wasn’t able to get my leg around enough and dropped. When I dropped it sent a shooting pain through my arm, the pain I get from doing starfish and extended butterfly too much, but it was instant and it was sharp. So I’ll be going to the doctors this week or next because this is getting ridiculous. I had to stop after that because it was just too painful, but I still managed to stretch because I’m am determined to get my splits!

Do you ever have trouble motivating yourself to work out? What do you do to kick your butt in gear? Let me know in the comments below, I’d be eternally grateful!

Just so you know I’m switching back to my schedule of posting Monday, Wednesday and Friday until things become a little better on my end. So until Wednesday mes amours!

SAD & how you can help!

Hallelujah it’s a miracle! I did pole all last night and my wrist is okay today! I’m so relieved, I can now go back to working out at night. My stretching has suffered but it’s all for the greater good! We did the routine at least 3 times last night, practiced moves. It was also spinny pole night, which I loath. I’m not good with spinning pole, it makes me super nauseous, which I was all the way home and into bed. I fear that will be the main reason I will never compete, I just can’t handle it. I still want to teach though I feel like I could still do that and I still want to.

Alright today I’m going to talk about something not so pole related but effects a lot of people, especially in Canada and especially myself.

The winter blues…


The winter blues affects 15% of Canadians, or the more serious SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) affects 2% – 3% of Canadians. Why this is important to me is because I am also severely bipolar so imagine the uphill battle it takes to get through the winter, now add a bipolar boulder and you’ll get an idea of how this affects me.

When the Christmas high ends and you’re left with cloudy cold days that seem to last forever it’s no wonder we suffer. I am not a winter person at all either, I don’t snowboard, I don’t ski, I take my daughter out but I count the seconds until I can go inside.

What are the symptoms of the winter blues?

Low energy levels


Increase in appetite

Weight gain

Increased desire to be alone

It’s important to get checked by a doctor though, I am not a doctor, if you think you may have SAD then go to your doctor right away and see if they can make a diagnosis and makes sure it’s not something more serious like anemia!

Now I’ve hit lows lately of just bursting into tears because I’m going absolutely stir crazy in my house. So I started to do some research and these are some of the hints and tricks I found around the web. Although if you’re like me and bipolar is a serious issue for you then I’m not sure if they’ll work, but we’ll see, I’ll be the guinea pig!



This is something I do nearly every day, and while it gives me temporary relief, mainly right after working out, it doesn’t seem to last, at least not for myself. Now this doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it, don’t get me wrong, it keeps my weight in check which makes me happy but it still doesn’t seem to last. So let’s move on!

Eat healthy

Quinoa Edamame Salad

Quinoa Edamame Salad

This is something I need to work on, refined and processed foods devoid the body of nutrients it needs, and that effects your energy level and moods. You need to eat more complex carbs such as whole wheats, veggies and fruits! I am definitely lacking in that department, my appetite has done the exact opposite and I don’t eat as much right now because I’m just too upset to eat. So I guess my grocery list will be a little different this weekend.

Let the sunlight in

Open those blinds, pull back those curtains and let the sun shine through, you need it! Sun boost your serotonin levels which is the body’s natural feel happy hormone. Now this isn’t always easy to get in the winter, winter is so dark a lot of the time, but now that were reaching the tail end of February the sun will be making an appearance more frequently. Now I know for myself, the morning is full of sunshine through my front windows, so I’m going to try to just lay on the ground in the sun for 15 minutes. See how that works out. If you’re not afraid of the cold, get out for a 15 min walk every couple of days.

Throw a party!

I like this suggestion, it sounds fun. Don’t use this an excuse to drink your face off because that can actually be counterproductive. Something you could do is plan a murder mystery party, they’re loads of fun and can be done at any point in time, and it’s not just for Halloween.  Having some social support around you might be just what you need, I know that when my best friend comes over I always forget about being sad and have lots of fun chatting with her and just hanging out.

Get that Green Thumb out


Peace Ivy

Apparently something that is suggested is to get some house plants and get gardening. Plants brighten up the place, and if you get something like a peace ivy that has air purifying qualities and that’s even better! I do love plants so this might be something I take a look into.

Artificial Light

Light therapy has apparently worked in 80% of SAD, you can buy a machine off of Amazon, they range anywhere from 40$ to 140$ and up. Light therapy works by mimicking natural light to give you that release of serotonin that the sun does.

So these are just some of the things you can do to try and nip that SAD in the butt. These were the ones that made sense to me, but do your own research as well on different sites because you may find something that sounds like it would work even better for you personally.
And just think of it, spring is just around the corner, only a little more of a push. I am crossing my fingers that I can just push through it without losing my mind.

Slow Healing Process

Hope you all had a lovely Valentines Day, be it with your lover or your family, or even if it was just another Friday, hope your day was good. My special part of Valentines day was making my love bacon roses, cause what man doesn’t love bacon, and well traditionally flowers are more for the men to give to the women and I didn’t want to take that away from him.


Today (where I live) it’s family day today! I enjoy this day, because my love gets the day off from work and we get to spend a day together we normally don’t. So today we’ll be doing lots of family stuff, board games etc.

I’m sorry I don’t have much to report on pole, due to my arm I’ve had to take the past couple days off of pole so that I’m able to perform better at my studio on Wednesday. And let me tell you, it’s been killing me! I’m not enjoying the fact I’ve had to take off so much time from pole, let’s hope I never get seriously injured because I can’t imagine taking months off like some people do.

I still have been working on my flexibility though because I don’t want that to go into regression.

I’m looking forward to pilates tomorrow, because I’ve had to take a break from pole I feel like I’ve been super lazy. I haven’t gained any weight from it but that’s because I also have a fairly clean diet. With the exception of ice cream here and there because ice cream is a temptress!

So the other day I had one of those, mysterious pole bruises… You know, those bruises that show up after your day at the studio and you can’t even fathom how you got it! Yup, one of those.



I honestly can’t even think of how I could have possibly gotten it. Too many starfishes? I have no clue. At the moment I’m pretty beaten and bruised from pole, I can’t wait for summer when I have to explain to people where I’m getting my bruises. They’re pretty nasty all over both my legs and my feet.

Well I hope you all have a wonderful day, until tomorrow mes amours!

The Journey to Pole that Ended in a Ditch

So I had an eventful night, I had been so excited to go to pole all day, unfortunately for my friend and I, we weren’t going to make it there last night.

She too had been very excited to go to pole because it was her last class before her vacation in which she will miss two other classes. We were driving there and it was snowing, the roads were messy on this one stretch in between two large fields. Her car began to pull to the right a bit and our tires left the tracks left by cars before us. As soon as our wheels hit the fresh snow she lost control. We swerved to the left then back to the right so hard that it spun the car around and we wound up backwards in the ditch at the side of the road.


It was a pretty hard impact, well at least it felt like it. No air bags were deployed, it did whip us around pretty bad. But luckily she has a tiny car because it was no match for the snow bank at the side. I fear if we were a bigger car, like my van, we probably would have wound up on our side. Although with the angle we were at it was pretty much the side anyways.

I am irked very much by the person behind us though! If I had been driving behind someone who spun out like that, the first thing I’d do is pull over and make sure people were okay. But no, that person just drove on by. I’ve been behind an accident before where someone rear ended someone, and I didn’t feel the need to stop then, just cautiously go around them. But if someone were to spin out in front of me into a ditch, I would immediately pull over to check on them.

Luckily someone coming the opposite way stopped and checked on us, he tried to see if we could push out, but it was impossible, the tires just spun on the snow like it was ice. After realizing that wasn’t possible I let him go on his way because it was just a matter of calling a tow truck then.

The first place we called told us we’d be waiting 2-3 hours, my friend and I were both like “to hell with that!” so we called the next place, 20-30 minutes, much better. In that time multiple people stopped to check on us, it made me realize how many caring people there are in this world. It was freezing out, they had no obligation to stop like the person who saw us crash should have, but they did. One woman even came out of her car with a hair dye cap on, because she was worried about us. It was very touching that people put themselves aside to care for others.

It was about a 40 min wait for the tow truck, during the time we laughed and joked and even played a fun game on her cell phone.

I accidentally sent my mom a very cryptic text just before my phone died, I’m the worst daughter ever!


Yup that’s what I sent her before my phone died, the last thing I sent her was ‘die’, Because I’m smart… but I did manage to call my boyfriend before it died so she called him and he explained. So it wasn’t the worst but I can only imagine the panic she was in because her daughter was just in an accident, I’m sure I’d be flipping too if it was my daughter.

Tow finally pulled us out and I waited in the car while my friend went and paid him. When we finally started to go, it was already 9:30, we had officially missed pole. That was officially the first class I’ve missed, and I’m telling you, nothing can keep me from pole, other than obviously a ditch we can’t get out of!

When we started to drive home, we were going about 40 because we were still shaken up. But of course that wasn’t the end of our scare for the night, literally less than a minute after we started driving again a coyote ran right in front of us across the road, must have been only a couple meters away. I proceed to yell “ARE YOU F***ING KIDDING ME!” Like we hadn’t had enough scare for the night. We needed one last one for the road! Fantastic!

As unlucky as it was to wind up in the ditch, in reality we are pretty damn lucky. We are lucky that there was no oncoming traffic because we swerved right into the opposite lane before spinning back into ours. We are also lucky that the snow bank stopped us from flipping. We are lucky that the car still ran because it was damn cold last night, especially in the middle of a field. We’re lucky we had cellphones, even though mine died. We’re lucky that we crashed with each other and not alone and we’re definitely lucky it wasn’t more serious.

And I have to say, my friend is lucky she crashed with me because when my adrenaline starts I make jokes and just be generally silly, I don’t panic, I don’t stress out, so I think that helped her a lot. But I was lucky that I crashed with her because if it wasn’t her I probably would have panicked and stressed, but I knew I couldn’t because that would make the situation worse for her and that was the last thing I wanted to do.

All in all, although I’m upset about missing pole after being excited about it all day, I still consider myself lucky that it wasn’t worse than getting stuck in a ditch. If I had to get stuck in a ditch with someone I’m glad it was my best friend.

Watch for my post tomorrow, it’s week 1 of Front Splits Friday! It’ll be our starting pictures to compare our progress to weeks from now! I think we’ll compare every 4 weeks, and hopefully we’ll get them down in no time!

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