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Stage Names, your alter Ego!

Jenyen Butterfly and Felix Cane, if you’re immersed in the pole world like I am these names should sound familiar. They’re stage names of two of the top pole dancers, and that’s what I want to talk about today, stage names.

What is a stage name?

A stage name is an alternative name chosen by someone for professional purposes, well that’s the traditional meaning of stage name, often used by actors and writers (pen names). The pole dance world has also taken a shine to stage names for performances and fan pages.

Why choose a stage name?

Well there are many reasons to choose a stage name. One reason being that it could help you break out of your shell, you may be shy, but your alter ego Lyla Vaunburen (sounds like a burlesque name but just work with me here!) is a strong, sexy, confident woman ready to own that pole! There’s also the reason of privacy, depending on why you have stage name, you may preform or you may just be a tad bit paranoid! Stage names keep your real name a secret. As much as I hate to admit it some places will judge you for pole fitness. I heard a story of a teacher being fired when the faculty found out she did pole fitness, now legally you can’t do that, but it’s not like people can’t find or even make up some sort of excuse to fire you. It’s sad, but it happens.

I embrace pole, I’m not in a position to lose a job over it though. But I am a mom, and I know that people my look down on me for enjoying pole fitness and having a young daughter. People don’t understand that pole fitness does not mean I am a stripper. No offence to strippers but if you have kids (and a good chunk of them do) then you should know how looked down on you are.

If someone were to ask me if I’d let my daughter do pole fitness my answer is a simple “yes”. Of course I would, the only thing I would keep her away from is the routines that are meant really for people who are (and this is my opinion) 18 years and older. I’ve had 16 year olds in my class before, and they were perfectly nice and friendly but when we got into the routines I was like WOAH! Okay… no 16 year old should be doing moves like this! But maybe I’m a bit of a prude because of my opinion but I wouldn’t want my daughter doing these routines until she was at least a legal adult. But hey, if my daughter wants to learn pole I will gladly teach her, it is a great way to work out and work on your flexibility.

Alright back to stage names!

How do I choose a stage name?

Here’s the fun part, choosing a stage name, and by fun I mean painstakingly annoying to do. My brother can vouch for this, not that he has a pole stage name, but for any game he’s playing it usually takes him about an hour just to come up with a name. There are many ways to approach this, you could choose things that mean something from you, like animals, or an actor/actress. Maybe the street you grew up on, or a pet you had. Maybe a combination of a couple of them, like a pet name and street. Now, some of these may sound absolutely ridiculous, such as Angelina Hanbury, sounds … weird. Personally my stage name will always be Pandora or Pandora Sin, it has been my gamer name since I was about 14 and it has always stuck, I’m used to being called Pandora, or Panda as short. I’ve also always felt connected with that Greek mythology story of Pandora, I loved her innocent curiosity that led to disastrous consequences.

So that’s it that’s all, honestly I would recommend a stage name, they’re fun and they just make you feel empowered. So come up with your own names and let me know in the comments below, I’d be really interested in hearing them! Until tomorrow mes amours!