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Superfail, Sexapalooza and Shoes!

Tomorrow is….


I’ve been excited for weeks… up until last night where I was like “god I have to talk to strangers.” Now the only time that makes me nervous is when I have to think about it, when I’m actually in the situation I’m fine. But I’ve been repeating and repeating and repeating, what I’m going to say. We have a little thing to say to people, basically asking them if they’ve ever tried pole fitness, would they like to enter to win a free pole party, we have an open house next Sunday, I’ve pretty much memorized everything including prices for different things. That in itself is a miracle because numbers and I don’t mix. So wish me luck tomorrow! I’ll have my business cards out so hopefully I’ll get some more traffic, although my traffic is pretty darn good, it’d always be great to have some new followers!

So last night was pole class, I was so excited to go but I’m not going to lie I was very nervous on the drive over, it was snowing all yesterday and it made it extremely messy to drive in. I didn’t take the same damn road that’s for sure! I was happy to see my pole girls again, but sad that my best friend wasn’t there. Her pole was so empty, so alone, it was sad!

We attempted to learn the superman last night!


It wasn’t as painful as I thought it was going to be, it definitely twists the skin though, it kind of reminds me of the pain that you feel when you first try to sit on the pole. But that’s what gives me hope, I can now sit on the pole with absolutely no pain.

We got into the superman via star fish, it was pretty funny, of course my teacher (a different teacher, my actual teacher was sick, poor her) was like “just lift up your leg off the pole and twist” And there I am in starfish looking at her like “… I just do what now?” Not as easy as it sounds, definitely something I’ll be practicing at home because it’s definitely a move that I want to learn.

I also attempted Jade last night, and let me tell you people, you need your splits down, and I mean need… This is what jade is supposed to look like.


Darko Photography

You see how the legs are at a 180 degree angle, meaning straight and flat. Yea well I was pretty much at a 110 degree angle. I have quite the way to go when it comes to this move because I need my splits! But that’s what Front Splits Friday is for! I’m excited to see if I’ve made any progress, I know it’s only been a week, but that’s a full week of stretching every day!

So I think I’ll have to head to a doctors soon, after pilates on Tuesday my hip has been really hurting, and this isn’t the first time I’ve had issues with that hip. I must have injured it at some point in time without knowing and now it’s bugging me when we do leg lifts. I don’t know if anyone’s ever experienced this pain, who reads this blog that may have some insight for me. It’s at the back of my hip right over my butt. It felt like my hip was going to pop out, such an awful feeling.

Alright now that I’ve been talking about it I’m now back to excited for Sexapalooza! I know that people I know read this blog and I hope you guys can go, if you want to see what pole fitness is all about this is the perfect opportunity. Plus there is tons of fun stuff to do, there’s fantastic shows, educational panels and lots (and I mean lots) of shopping! Not going to lie, I may check out the shoes, but I feel like if I come back with another pair of shoes my love may kill me! Poor guy, works all day, I take care of the house and our daughter (although so does he) and then his money gets spent on shoes. But he loves me so he has to put up with it. Speaking of shoes, here is a lovely pair I would just love to get my hands on!



So if anyone wants to buy me those, that’d be great!

Until tomorrow mes amours!