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Olympic size mistake. Introducing Alex Magala!

First off today I have to say how disappointed I was watching the Olympics opening ceremony, I didn’t see Olga Trifonova at all, and I watched the full 4 hours of it. Now for weeks prior I have been reading on pole sites everywhere, not to mention I had even seen a post by United Pole Artists, that Olga Trifonova was going to be performing. Now thanks to Facebooks ‘pay for views’ I didn’t see their update that apparently there was another part to Russia’s got talent in which another pole dancer won amazingly, and even more amazingly it was a male pole dancer. Alexandr Magala, born in Moldova, is the first male pole dancer to perform in the Olympics Opening ceremony.


From the Alexandr Magala Facebook fan page. You’re welcome ladies!

So it had already gone viral that Olga Trifonova had won, which don’t get me wrong, she is amazing, especially since she’s only 11, but Alexandr Magala didn’t get near the attention he deserved. Now I’m going to re-watch the 4 hours of opening ceremony and try to find him. It’s like where’s waldo of the Pole dancing world.

1907941_233570720159455_1687054640_n - Copy

From the Alexandr Magala Facebook Fan Page

It was an amazing opening ceremony though, I enjoyed it fully. The ballet was beautiful and it was just visually stunning.

So I went to Sexapalooza on Saturday, just to roam around and check out the shows. Let me tell you, next time, I want to work the Saturday! It was so busy, it would have been so much fun!

I loved watching the burlesque shows, they’re always fun to watch. And the drag queen again so much fun, they were so sassy, the crowed loved them. I think next year I’ll go check everything out on Firday and see if I can work the Saturday. Hopefully I have a car by then because busing was awful!

Here’s some of the pictures from my studio performing.

There’s also some funny but inappropriate pictures that I don’t want to show on my blog but if you’re interested in seeing them then you can click HERE! Remember they’re NSFW!


Corinne (owner and instructor) and Lynn (instructor)


Routine to Applause


Jenny and Polina, some of the best in Canada!








Working the Booth at Sexapalooza!

Hello and welcome to my Pole Fitness blog! I’m just an ordinary mom with some extraordinary skills. I’m a bit of a pole fitness nut, it would be nice to call it a hobby but it’s really an obsession!

Lucy(left) and I (right)

Lucy(left) and I (right)

If you’re here from my cards at Sexapalooza then pole fitness must have peeked your interest. Did you see it on the stage? AMAZING RIGHT?! If you haven’t seen it on stage then catch it on Saturday 4:45 and 8:30. Or if you’re there one Sunday catch their show at 2:30! I promise it’ll be one of the most amazing things you’ll see in your life.

I’ll be there tonight, but I’ll be part of the crowd. I worked the booth last night and I am EXHAUSTED! It was a lot more work than I thought it would be. I loved meeting all the people though, talking my face off about pole.

One thing that a girl mentioned was that she didn’t know what to do about the bruising, so I’m going to address this. Yes you get bruised… A lot… but honestly they’re like trophies. They’re awards from getting that especially hard move down that you’ve worked so hard at getting.










But I can understand that some people just don’t like bruising, and that’s fine too. I actually wrote a post about my top 10 ways to get rid of bruising and I can bet you that at least one of them will work for you.

To get to my post about bruising click HERE!

Did you see me at the booth on the pole? Did you see my favorite move?


It’s called the extended butterfly! It’s a level 7 move I believe, and here’s a testament to you can do so much more than just your level sometimes because I’m in level 6 right now. If the teacher thinks you can handle something more advance than the level you’re in, she’ll teach you it. That’s what I love about pole. But there are some moves in level 5 I still have issues with, pole is very diverse like that, everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses.


Lucy performing the inverted crucifix

So you’ll most likely see me there tonight, but I won’t be working the booth. I’ll be looking like this though and wandering around.


So if you spot me, come over and introduce yourself! You and I can gush over how amazing pole is! And I can help you find the information you need to start your own pole journey!

Watch out on Monday for my pictures from Sexapalooza!

Pole Fitness is the new Black!

First I want to pre-welcome anyone coming to this page from the card you got at Sexapalooza! My blog is a fitness blog, but not just any fitness blog, it’s a pole fitness blog. Follow me through a pole fitness journey and on the way learn the routines I learn, my favorite healthy recipes (And recipe hacks! Recipes that should be unhealthy but are made to be healthy), see pictures of the new moves I’ve learned (we are consistently learning new moves), and see just how fun and huge the pole fitness world really is!


Find out more about me here: CLICK ME

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Interested in taking Pole Fitness in the Ottawa area? CLICK ME to go to the best studio in the area, two locations, there is also the option for co-ed classes because even men (even straight men) can take pole, it is a great strength builder. Maybe you have a bachelorette party coming up, pole parties are a perfect option for you and your girlfriends!

It’s that day again! #FrontSplitsFriday! Hope you have all been working on your splits, adding in the new stretch I introduced on Wednesday. Here are my splits for the week!


So I’m not grabbing my butt, just so everyone knows, I’ve had a problem with my hip since Pilates on Tuesday so it was hurting.

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Now usually I do a video on Friday but due to Sexapalooza being tonight, I was very busy. I had to make shirts for my pole girl and myself because our studio didn’t have any in our size. So I’ll be back to the video making next Friday! Fear not, you’ll get to see my incredible awkwardness on YouTube again!


Don’t forget to tune in today at 11:14 am EST for the opening ceremony for the Olympics! Big day for Pole Dancing, 11 year-old Olga Trifonova will be performing in the opening ceremony of the Olympics today. Now in my video last week I accidently said she was Ukrainian, and that was wrong, she’s Russian. The reason I said Ukrainian was because I had just seen that Anastasia Sokolova performance, also on a talent show, had just gone viral. I had multiple people on my friends list sharing the link with me. Although I had seen the video months ago, it made me happy to know that they relate pole dancing with me, and not just stripper pole dancing, but legitimate pole dancing sport. Not that there’s anything wrong with strippers, but it’s nice to be associated with the sport side of it for once!

Well I hope to see lots of people tonight at Sexapalooza, crossing my fingers that I don’t fall on my face. I’ll be doing a special Saturday post this week so that I can welcome others who have ventured to my blog from my cards! I’ll also be sharing some photos from Sexapalooza, not to mention I’ll be going that night again but just as a spectator for fun, so I’ll have more pictures from that.

So until tomorrow mes amours!

Superfail, Sexapalooza and Shoes!

Tomorrow is….


I’ve been excited for weeks… up until last night where I was like “god I have to talk to strangers.” Now the only time that makes me nervous is when I have to think about it, when I’m actually in the situation I’m fine. But I’ve been repeating and repeating and repeating, what I’m going to say. We have a little thing to say to people, basically asking them if they’ve ever tried pole fitness, would they like to enter to win a free pole party, we have an open house next Sunday, I’ve pretty much memorized everything including prices for different things. That in itself is a miracle because numbers and I don’t mix. So wish me luck tomorrow! I’ll have my business cards out so hopefully I’ll get some more traffic, although my traffic is pretty darn good, it’d always be great to have some new followers!

So last night was pole class, I was so excited to go but I’m not going to lie I was very nervous on the drive over, it was snowing all yesterday and it made it extremely messy to drive in. I didn’t take the same damn road that’s for sure! I was happy to see my pole girls again, but sad that my best friend wasn’t there. Her pole was so empty, so alone, it was sad!

We attempted to learn the superman last night!


It wasn’t as painful as I thought it was going to be, it definitely twists the skin though, it kind of reminds me of the pain that you feel when you first try to sit on the pole. But that’s what gives me hope, I can now sit on the pole with absolutely no pain.

We got into the superman via star fish, it was pretty funny, of course my teacher (a different teacher, my actual teacher was sick, poor her) was like “just lift up your leg off the pole and twist” And there I am in starfish looking at her like “… I just do what now?” Not as easy as it sounds, definitely something I’ll be practicing at home because it’s definitely a move that I want to learn.

I also attempted Jade last night, and let me tell you people, you need your splits down, and I mean need… This is what jade is supposed to look like.


Darko Photography

You see how the legs are at a 180 degree angle, meaning straight and flat. Yea well I was pretty much at a 110 degree angle. I have quite the way to go when it comes to this move because I need my splits! But that’s what Front Splits Friday is for! I’m excited to see if I’ve made any progress, I know it’s only been a week, but that’s a full week of stretching every day!

So I think I’ll have to head to a doctors soon, after pilates on Tuesday my hip has been really hurting, and this isn’t the first time I’ve had issues with that hip. I must have injured it at some point in time without knowing and now it’s bugging me when we do leg lifts. I don’t know if anyone’s ever experienced this pain, who reads this blog that may have some insight for me. It’s at the back of my hip right over my butt. It felt like my hip was going to pop out, such an awful feeling.

Alright now that I’ve been talking about it I’m now back to excited for Sexapalooza! I know that people I know read this blog and I hope you guys can go, if you want to see what pole fitness is all about this is the perfect opportunity. Plus there is tons of fun stuff to do, there’s fantastic shows, educational panels and lots (and I mean lots) of shopping! Not going to lie, I may check out the shoes, but I feel like if I come back with another pair of shoes my love may kill me! Poor guy, works all day, I take care of the house and our daughter (although so does he) and then his money gets spent on shoes. But he loves me so he has to put up with it. Speaking of shoes, here is a lovely pair I would just love to get my hands on!



So if anyone wants to buy me those, that’d be great!

Until tomorrow mes amours!

New Stretch and 31 Grilled Cheeses You Need to Try in your Lifetime!

It’s Wednesday! My favorite day of the week! Why? Well if you didn’t know by now, I’ll tell you, it’s Pole Day! And having missed last week because of the car accident, I’m majorly looking forward to tonight. Minus the fact I have to drive because my best friend is gone to Florida for 10 days, which is the worst! I miss her!

So super excited to go to pole, also haven’t seen my other pole lady in 2 weeks! Which is ridiculous! We have decided to make shirts for Friday, which is Sexapalooza, where we’ll be working the 3Sixty Dance & Fitness (Which is my home studio) booth. So today I’m going on a hunt for some black tank tops that I can put a design on the front with those iron on pages that you print off. I’ll show you guys on Friday during my weekly Video Blog!

Today is also new stretch day! And todays’ stretch is THIS ONE!


Okay so I don’t know the name of this stretch, what I do know is that it’s pretty close to the One-Legged King Pigeon Pose variation in yoga, so we could go with that.

This stretch lengthens your quadriceps and hip flexors!

So try adding this stretch to your daily stretching routine, today it’s going into mine.

Before I leave I want to share something that a friend posted on Facebook because it is amazing. Amazing for a foodie like myself!



31 Grilled Cheese that are better than a boyfriend! Just click the picture to be taken to the page. The sandwich pictures is the chicken parm grilled cheese and my mouth is just salivating looking at it! I am definitely going to make this one, I’m not big on bread but I will make an exception for half these sandwiches!

Until tomorrow mes amours!