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Are you up for the Challenge?

Good morning beautiful people! I don’t know about you but dear god I’m tired. I wish I could take some pictures in Pilates to show you guys how hard it gets but the teacher is such a hard ass (with a hard ass, seriously you should see this woman’s butt) that there wouldn’t be time to take pictures. It’s only an hour class but I’m telling you it’s the fastest hour ever because you’re working so hard and consistently doing something.

Pole goes by fast because it is fun for me, I wish it was longer, I love it. But Pilates goes by fast just because it is non-stop, and I’m not hurting now, but I have to give it until like 3 to see just how sore I really am since it’s a night time class. We worked our abs really hard but I’d like to think my abs are already pretty strong, but covered in a layer of fat, they’re pretty much hiding!

Alright people a new thing I’m trying out starting this Friday, not only will Friday be video day but it’ll also be stretch day. I am challenging all of you to get your front splits with me! Front Split Friday, yup, I know, I’m a genius, you don’t have to tell me! It’ll keep going until I get my front splits down, posting updates every Friday, and I would love to see all your progress as well!

Every Friday tweet me or instagram me your progress photos!






Easy right? WRONG! This is going to take some dedication, do you have it in you to keep at this for weeks? But I believe in you, and I believe in me too! This is something I really want and need to get down if I want to get some more advanced moves. This is something that I will work at every day, because in reality it only takes like 15 minutes a day, and I think I can give up 15 minutes to my flexibility. But remember, never stretch cold muscles! So try jogging in place to your favorite song and when it hits the chorus you hike up those knees and do some high knees until the chorus ends.

Every Wednesday I’ll give you the stretch of the week. But first lets start you off with some basic stretches. Click HERE to go to my blog post about increasing your lower flexibility.

And the new stretch of the week is…. The Hip Flexor Stretch


I love this stretch, it feels great on my legs, especially after flipping upside down so much and relying on my legs to keep me there.

So I’ve been going on a sushi making spree lately, well… attempt, lets just call it an attempt. I didn’t have the proper “equipment” to make actual maki, and by that I mean my bamboo mat snapped, and I had no knifes sharp enough to slice through seaweed, yea you heard me right! My knives can cut through chicken, through steak, but god forbid they cut through a tiny thin piece of seaweed!

I wound up giving up on the maki and making some hand rolls.


But I also invested in a new bamboo mat, as well as a new sushi knife meant for slicing sashimi so I figure it has to be able to slice through the seaweed! I will be trying it out tonight! I’ll let you know, sushi so darn delicious.


Well, until Friday mes amours! Get started on those stretches! Say it with me…


Sushi, it’s the most wonderful thing in this world!

Morning! Are you all ready for the weekend?! I’m excited for today for a whole different reason. It’s my first cheat meal day with this blogilates healthy eating diet! Not that I’m not enjoying the new and different food I’ve been eating for the past week, it’s just that I love sushi! And in light of that today’s post will be about healthy sushi options. Even though it’s technically eating out, it’s not the worst you could do, it’s no McDonalds!

Alright lets start!

tumblr_l57gtuxLU91qayvcwo1_500First off is salmon and tuna! They are probably some of the healthiest things you can eat at a sushi restaurant. High in omega 3, protein and vitamin D.

Obviously the sashimi form would be the healthiest, but if you’re not into sashimi and you’re eyeing the maki, go for something as close to it as you can.

One of my favorite maki’s is spicy salmon/tuna, so good, I’m drooling thinking about it!

wasabi-52Wasabi! I don’t understand why people shy away from this, alone it’s okay but it’s so much better when it’s with say some chicken, or a little dab on your sashimi!

But not only is it deliciously spicy, it also has health benefits!

It’s full of antioxidants, it’s a cancer preventative (Although this has been tested in labs it needs more human and animal testing)

Like all spicy foods it helps lose weight by making your body work harder to digest.

tempura_3As unfortunate as this is, say no to the deep fried food. I know, it’s sad, but keep away from the tempuras and deep fried maki.

For obvious reasons, deep frying foods isn’t healthy, so all those delicious crunchy foods are something you need to keep away from.

I was always told, the less fancy the roll the better!

veggie-maki-rollAdd in the veggie rolls!

Most sushi restaurants have a good selection of vegetarian options and adding a few of these in can be a great benefit to your health!

The more veggies you eat the better for your body.

One of my favorite veggie rolls is the simple cucumber roll, it’s got a delightful crunch!

Lastly, watch your serving size! Maki usually comes in groups of 4-10 (6 being the most common). It’s easy to over eat when you’re not paying attention to how much you order. My favorite sushi place is an all you can eat, which is dangerous for someone trying to shed pounds. Break up your orders into a lot of small orders so that you can fill up at a steady pace, instead of stuffing your face and going into a sushi coma later on. Which I’m not going to lie, I’ve done a good couple of times!

So that’s a few healthy sushi options and tips for you to keep in mind the next time you eat out at your favorite sushi place!

Before I go, I’d like to share with you guys the new move I learned. The other night at pole our teacher showed us the air invert, and I was like… I need to do that. Unfortunately I was not successful in class. Last night I was practicing at home and when my love came home from work I was telling him about it, and then went to show him what we were supposed to do, and I wound up actually doing it. As I hung their upside down I was in disbelief, I actually did it! So I threw him my phone and made him record it so I could see what it looked like myself!


Turns out I can do it, I was so happy! I am seriously exceeding all expectation I had for myself and it feels amazing.

So have a good weekend folks, enjoy the weather, enjoy your family, and I will see you on Monday!