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The Journey to Pole that Ended in a Ditch

So I had an eventful night, I had been so excited to go to pole all day, unfortunately for my friend and I, we weren’t going to make it there last night.

She too had been very excited to go to pole because it was her last class before her vacation in which she will miss two other classes. We were driving there and it was snowing, the roads were messy on this one stretch in between two large fields. Her car began to pull to the right a bit and our tires left the tracks left by cars before us. As soon as our wheels hit the fresh snow she lost control. We swerved to the left then back to the right so hard that it spun the car around and we wound up backwards in the ditch at the side of the road.


It was a pretty hard impact, well at least it felt like it. No air bags were deployed, it did whip us around pretty bad. But luckily she has a tiny car because it was no match for the snow bank at the side. I fear if we were a bigger car, like my van, we probably would have wound up on our side. Although with the angle we were at it was pretty much the side anyways.

I am irked very much by the person behind us though! If I had been driving behind someone who spun out like that, the first thing I’d do is pull over and make sure people were okay. But no, that person just drove on by. I’ve been behind an accident before where someone rear ended someone, and I didn’t feel the need to stop then, just cautiously go around them. But if someone were to spin out in front of me into a ditch, I would immediately pull over to check on them.

Luckily someone coming the opposite way stopped and checked on us, he tried to see if we could push out, but it was impossible, the tires just spun on the snow like it was ice. After realizing that wasn’t possible I let him go on his way because it was just a matter of calling a tow truck then.

The first place we called told us we’d be waiting 2-3 hours, my friend and I were both like “to hell with that!” so we called the next place, 20-30 minutes, much better. In that time multiple people stopped to check on us, it made me realize how many caring people there are in this world. It was freezing out, they had no obligation to stop like the person who saw us crash should have, but they did. One woman even came out of her car with a hair dye cap on, because she was worried about us. It was very touching that people put themselves aside to care for others.

It was about a 40 min wait for the tow truck, during the time we laughed and joked and even played a fun game on her cell phone.

I accidentally sent my mom a very cryptic text just before my phone died, I’m the worst daughter ever!


Yup that’s what I sent her before my phone died, the last thing I sent her was ‘die’, Because I’m smart… but I did manage to call my boyfriend before it died so she called him and he explained. So it wasn’t the worst but I can only imagine the panic she was in because her daughter was just in an accident, I’m sure I’d be flipping too if it was my daughter.

Tow finally pulled us out and I waited in the car while my friend went and paid him. When we finally started to go, it was already 9:30, we had officially missed pole. That was officially the first class I’ve missed, and I’m telling you, nothing can keep me from pole, other than obviously a ditch we can’t get out of!

When we started to drive home, we were going about 40 because we were still shaken up. But of course that wasn’t the end of our scare for the night, literally less than a minute after we started driving again a coyote ran right in front of us across the road, must have been only a couple meters away. I proceed to yell “ARE YOU F***ING KIDDING ME!” Like we hadn’t had enough scare for the night. We needed one last one for the road! Fantastic!

As unlucky as it was to wind up in the ditch, in reality we are pretty damn lucky. We are lucky that there was no oncoming traffic because we swerved right into the opposite lane before spinning back into ours. We are also lucky that the snow bank stopped us from flipping. We are lucky that the car still ran because it was damn cold last night, especially in the middle of a field. We’re lucky we had cellphones, even though mine died. We’re lucky that we crashed with each other and not alone and we’re definitely lucky it wasn’t more serious.

And I have to say, my friend is lucky she crashed with me because when my adrenaline starts I make jokes and just be generally silly, I don’t panic, I don’t stress out, so I think that helped her a lot. But I was lucky that I crashed with her because if it wasn’t her I probably would have panicked and stressed, but I knew I couldn’t because that would make the situation worse for her and that was the last thing I wanted to do.

All in all, although I’m upset about missing pole after being excited about it all day, I still consider myself lucky that it wasn’t worse than getting stuck in a ditch. If I had to get stuck in a ditch with someone I’m glad it was my best friend.

Watch for my post tomorrow, it’s week 1 of Front Splits Friday! It’ll be our starting pictures to compare our progress to weeks from now! I think we’ll compare every 4 weeks, and hopefully we’ll get them down in no time!

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Parties, Olympics and…Lemons?

Hope you had a wonderful weekend my lovely blog readers! I had a very busy weekend, wasn’t able to pole at all. It’s my daughters 4th birthday tomorrow and with such a large family she had a birthday party both Saturday and Sunday, and today she’s bringing cupcakes to preschool and tomorrow is her actual birthday so we’re doing activities then as well. It’s the first child/grandchild syndrome, she’s spoiled to all hell!


Saturday I was so tired after setting up the party, having the party and then cleaning up after the party that I was just too exhausted to pole, and in bed by 7:30. Sunday night I went to my mom’s for the party but I was feeling ill most of the time so when we got home at 6 I was in bed out of fear of missing pilates and pole. So now I’m downing cold FX like it’s the holy grail of medicine! I have yet to miss a pole class since level 1 so I don’t plan on starting now!

So excited news in the pole world, Olga Trifonova, an 11 year old Russian Pole Dancer who won a Russian Talent show will be performing at the opening ceremony of the 2014 Olympics. She is an amazing talented young lady, with unbelievable skills.

This’ll be a big step in the direction of getting pole dancing into the Olympics. Apparently before a sport is accepted in the committee showcases it to see how people react to it. In my opinion this’ll open a lot of people’s eyes to the fact that pole dancing doesn’t have to be sexual, and often times is not. It’s an art, and an incredible display of gymnastics. I full heartedly believe that after this pole dancing will be on its way to being accepted into the Olympics. And while I feel like I’ll be too old to compete and not at the level that some of these people are at, maybe it’s something my daughter could one day compete in. I would be proud to watch her compete in pole dancing.

It’s about time people separated it from its erotic counterpart of stripping in clubs. So I don’t know about you but I’ll be glued to the T.V this February 7th to watch pole dancing pretty much make its debut into the everyday world of people who had no idea it could be such hard work and beauty.

Hopefully I’m able to get back into pole tonight, I find myself getting an itch for pole if I haven’t done it in a couple of days. I look at my pole and whimper because all I want to do is practice my routine and moves.

Today I’m going to leave you with a delicious new recipe I’ve learned over the weekend.

Slim Lemon Squares

Makes: 16 servings

Nonstick cooking spray
3/4 cup all-purpose flour plus 2 tablespoons
2/3 cup granulated sugar plus 3 tablespoons
1/2 stick cold butter, cut into 1/2-inch cubes
1 egg
1 egg white
1/4 teaspoon finely grated lemon zest
2 tablespoons lemon juice
1 tablespoon water
1/4 teaspoon baking powder
1 tablespoon powdered sugar

1. Coat an 8-x-8-x-2-inch baking pan with nonstick spray; set pan aside.
2. In a small mixing bowl, combine 3/4 cup flour and 3 tablespoons sugar; cut in butter until crumbly. Pat mixture onto the bottom of prepared pan. Bake in a preheated 350-degree oven for 15 minutes.
3. Meanwhile, in the same bowl, combine egg and egg white. Beat with an electric mixer on medium speed until frothy. Add remaining sugar and flour, lemon zest, lemon juice, 1 tablespoon water, and baking powder. Beat on medium 3 minutes or until slightly thickened. Pour mixture over baked layer in pan. Bake 20 to 25 minutes more or until edges are light brown and center is set. Cool in pan on a wire rack.
4. Sift powdered sugar over top. Cut into 16 bars. Store in refrigerator.

Nutrition facts per serving (1 bar): 100 calories, 1g protein, 17g carbohydrate, 3g fat (2g saturated), 0g fiber


Keep an eye out Wednesday for my next blog post! Remember this week I’ve gone down to 3 posting a week, taking it for a test drive, come September I’ll be down to 1 a week due to school.

Until Wednesday mes amours!

Spinning pole = Exorcist! Lets fix this!

I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck! We had our actual pilates teacher on Tuesday and let me tell you, she is damn serious! At one point my head wasn’t down far enough so she came over and without a word just shoved it down. She’s like boot camp serious and I love it, it’s exactly what I need, it pushes me further. Only issue is that this class is the day before pole, so when it came to pole Wednesday night, my abs were like “no way man!” but my mind was like “shut up body, we’re doing this and you’re going to like it!”

The warm up was killer, it focuses a lot at the beginning on your core. But once we started the routine my body just seemed to forget about its aches and pains! Pole is magical in that way, at least for me it is. Doesn’t matter if I’m stressed out, tired, sore or other, when I’m doing pole that’s where my mind and body is at that moment. I said it the other day, Pole is good for the soul!

Last night I managed to get a really awkward move down called cupids bow and arrow. And I say it’s awkward because of how you get into it, I can’t even really explain it, all I can say is I spent 5 minutes waving my arms around trying to find the pole before my teacher came over and helped me out. I think it’s a beautiful hold, I really like it. I also got another one but didn’t manage to get a picture of it so I’ll have to try to get that picture next week!


Yesterday before class started, the pole girls and I were sitting in the change room waiting for the group before us to be over, they’re a level 1 class, and a girl came out early. She wasn’t feeling very well, and asked us if when we were in the first level if we ever got over the dizziness. And while I wasn’t sure about the other two girls I know for me at least it took a while. I would have to sit off to the side after doing the routine a couple of times because I would be totally nauseous.

I’m not good with carnival rides, or even car rides for that matter. If I’m not in the front seat, I’m nauseous. It all changed for me after pregnancy, I used to be able to handle it no problem but something about pregnancy changed it for me. So can you imagine me on spinny pole? I feel like I’m going to wind up coming up with a new move called the exorcist where I grip onto the pole for dear life while spinning and throwing up everywhere!

I actually got some help from my aunt with this problem because she had a similar problem, and now I am going to share these exercises with you!

You have to do them every day to be really effective, but I did them a couple times a week and it still helped me. These are done very slowly if you do them too fast they will make your dizziness and sickness worse. You might feel a bit woozy the first couple of times, but once your vestibular system gets used to it, your brain will follow.

It is very important for all of these exercises that you move your head and eyes very slowly.

Exercise 1 – Gaze stabilization Side to Side DO THIS VERY SLOWLY Hold your thumb out in front of your face arm fully extended Focus on your thumb – Never take your eyes of your thumb Very slowly turn your head to the right but keep your eyes focused on your thumb and then turn your head very slowly back to center keeping your eyes focused on your thumb. Repeat this 2-3 times. Do the same for the left side, and be sure to keep your eyes on your thumb at all times.

Exercise 2 – Gaze stabilization Diagonal Hold your thumb out in front of your face arm fully extended Focus on your thumb – Never take your eyes of your thumb Same exercise as above but this time you will move your head on a diagonal from center to top right then back to center (your eyes will be looking down to the left if you are looking up to the right). Do not strain your eyes only do what feels comfortable. Do this very slowly. Repeat 2-3 times You will repeat the same exercise for all 4 corners, so you will be doing center to upper right and back to center, center to lower left and back to center, center to upper left and back to center, and center to lower right and back to center.

Exercise 3 – Gaze Stabilization Up and Down Hold your thumb out in front of your face arm fully extended Focus on your thumb – Never take your eyes of your thumb Same exercise as above but this time you will move your head up and down from center Do not strain your eyes only do what feels comfortable. Do this very slowly. Repeat 2-3 times. You will repeat the same exercise for both up and down, so you will be doing center and look up – when your head moves up your eyes should be looking down focusing on your thumb. Then you will do center and look down – when your head moves down your eyes should be looking up focusing on your thumb.

Exercise 4 – VOR Cancellation This is the exercise helps your eyes and vestibular system to focus properly when the position of your head or body moves suddenly (spinning, getting up quickly, like roller coasters or Pole Spinning Hold your thumb out in front of your face arm fully extended Focus on your thumb – Never take your eyes off your thumb Sit in a chair that can spin 360 degrees. Spin the chair slowly around 360 to the right first and repeat spinning 360 to the left. Lift your feet off the floor when you do this – your eyes are never taken off your thumb so you will be spinning in the chair with your arm extended and you focusing on your thumb. Right before you come back to your starting point put your feet to the floor and stop your chair suddenly. Your eyes and head will never move, they should always be focused on your thumb. People with dizziness issues often a misfire between what the eyes are doing and what the brain thinks they are doing. The eyes don’t get the message from the brain to catch up to the motion fast enough which causes nausea motion sickness feeling. Repeat 2x each direction. You will feel really dizzy the first couple of times you do this, but once your brain is retrained to match what your eyes are doing, you will be able to do this easily.

Do all 4 exercises twice per day (should only take you 3-5 mins max to do all 4 exercises). Don’t do any more than twice a day.

They feel odd to do at first but you get used to them. But to be honest it helped out, but majority of me not feeling so nauseous came from continuing pole. Practice, practice, practice, I found my body eventually just got used to it, but these exercises definitely helped. So try them out and see if they help you!

Do you have any tips or tricks to help you from becoming motion sick? Let me know in the comments below! I would love to learn some new tricks to help me out.

Pole intentions, not a bad thing, just takes work!

This is my January Blog Hop! I know I’m leaving it until the last minute, I do that a lot. I’m a procrastinator, which is something I definitely need to work on. But it’s funny, I procrastinate for a lot of things, but not school, for some reason school I’m on top of and ready to do, probably because it’s something I really enjoy doing, art! Anyways, back to the blog hop!

This month’s theme is Pole Intentions for 2014! I have a lot of intentions for this year, not to put a lot of pressure on you 2014 but you’re going to be a fantastic year. It has already started out pretty fantastic, my love just got a job in his intended career field and I’m so proud of him, he chased his dream and is now on the right road to achieve it. I can only hope to be half as ambitious as he is.

But what’s the difference between our New Year resolutions (which I do every year) and our intentions for the year? Well to me I think labeling them as resolutions puts a lot of pressure on you, it’s setting you up to fail, and while people can still recognize that they’re probably not going to complete all their resolutions, it doesn’t stop that feeling of failure sneaking up towards the end of the year. Intentions takes a little of that pressure off. I feel that if you have intentions you’re more likely to continue them throughout the year instead of the first couple of months and then completely forgetting about them.

My pole intentions are pretty simple, which makes them all the more likely to be successful. I want this year to be about confidence and patience, because both are which I need practice in. I can fake confidence no problem, I’ve been doing that for half my life, but this year I want to really feel confidence, and not just in pole, but in my everyday life. I’ve always thought “fake it until you make it” but let me tell you, I’ve been faking confidence for years and by the end of last year my confidence hit an all-time low. I became super judgemental of myself, looking at my reflection in the mirror as the voices in my head criticized me, and that’s not healthy, I know that, so faking it just isn’t working.

I’m really not sure where to begin to find my confidence but I feel that pole is definitely that helping hand. I’ve been at my home studio for nearly a year though and somehow my confidence still hit a low, but I feel like I took advantage of pole. Poling in my class was a competition to me, I’m a very competitive person, which is really not what pole is about at all. Well… not unless you’re in an actual competition! But pole class should not be about competing with those around you, it should be about growing at your own speed, pushing your limits and not judging yourself on what others can do better. During the last level is really when I realized that, and it was because I had my two ladies in my class. We all push each other, cheer each other on, we’re not concerned with how we look in the mirror. They can do moves that I can’t do and I can do moves that they can’t do, that’s the beauty of pole, something that may be so easy for someone can be extremely hard for someone else. I think that’s why you develop such a strong bond with each other, because no one feels left behind, we each have our own individual strengths and weaknesses.

I also need to learn patience though, I was extremely frustrated the first time we began to learn moves that I couldn’t nail right away. I wasn’t used to it. I also don’t have much patience outside of class, such as losing the weight I want to lose. I expect to lose it now when I know in the back of my head that it’s going to take some work and some time. I get from people that I shouldn’t be worried about my weight, that I should count myself lucky not to weigh as much as them. I just shake my head, it has nothing to do with you, or a comparison to you, it has to do with my own personal demons. How I think I should look, how I would be comfortable looking. Everyone knows I’m a mom (Endeavors of a Pole Mom, duh!) and that left me with the mom pouch, and as much as it was worth it to carry my child into this world, it doesn’t mean that I lose the right to be uncomfortable with it. It’s not going away as fast as I would hope and because I see myself every day I feel like it’s not going away at all. So I’ve made the decision to take pictures every month so I can visual see the change and hopefully that will help towards my patience. I find it kind of funny though, you need patience to learn patience, why can’t I learn it now! Ironic isn’t it!

If I had to choose a word to carry with me through all pole moments that have served and that will serve as inspiration it would be determination. You can never have too much determination! It’s what drives me to better myself, because I am very determined to be the best person I can be. And I don’t just mean in pole, I also mean in everyday life. When go on a YouTube video watching spree (Don’t deny it, we’ve all done it) and I see these amazing moves, a part of me is like my god I’m never going to be able to do that, while another part of me tells that voice to shut it because one day I will have the strength and flexibility to perform such amazing feats so long as I continue to hold onto that determination that drives me so hard.

But intentions are nothing but sweet words unless you have the motivation behind them. How are we to ever work on our intentions if we want the results now but no motivation in between? I’m here to tell you that you can’t, you won’t and you will fail. If your intentions has no spine, they won’t be able to stand up to the challenge. My motivation? Well my motivation has a name, and her name is Alice. My daughter is the reason I want to be healthier, and definitely one of the reasons I need more patience (She has my genes, I can only expect her to be a little demon like I was to my parents). But what if you don’t have a child? Be a better person for you, because I can guarantee you if you go through with your intentions you will never regret it, you’ll only regret it if you give up.

One thing that can help you, and push you and keep you going is a vision board, which is actually something I had prior to this blog hop, and I was so happy to see them mention it in their article. I’m an artistic person so I learn visually and vision boards (so long as you don’t accidently lose them. Guilty!) are an excellent way to keep you motivated. And I’ll be nice enough to share mine today, sometimes vision boards are personal but I feel like sharing your intentions are also a good way to keep going, it’s an affirmation in its own. Your vision board doesn’t stay the same throughout the year, you often add things in and take things away, but it’s always good to always keep it in mind.


Until tomorrow mes amours!

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Spins & Missing Skin

Sorry for missing Fridays post but I had a horribly sick child on my hands. The poor girl got a chest cough and a fever, and this is a little girl that never gets sick, so she was absolutely miserable! She’s feeling better today, just got her voice back, just in time to whine. She’s been sleeping in my bed with me since she kept waking up in the middle of the night crying, and it was this little new born baby cry because she has no voice, it was heart breaking.

So needless to say I haven’t been able to pole much over the weekend. I got a half hour in last night but with breaks of going upstairs to calm her down. I don’t think it helped that the skin on my legs squealed along the pole when I was going down, I think that may have woken her up.

SpinDismountThere’s a new move I saw in a video the other day that I am determined to learn. It’s pretty much a dismount, I’ve included a gif to the side here. Now it doesn’t look like it’s really hard but it turns out that holding yourself up on one arm is quite tiring. Especially when you’ve broken the arm that you’re bracing on. I work on that arm strength often but it’s still not up to par with where I need it. But when I was first doing the supergirl (or reverse superman as it’s sometimes known as) my arm would shake like crazy and recently I haven’t had that problem so obviously the muscle in my arm is growing stronger. The other problem I had was keeping myself up with the grip she uses, it’s a very awkward way to grab the pole with enough strength to lift yourself. I’m hoping to get this move down before Wednesday so I can show the girls, unless they actually read my blog, in which they now already know about it!

1560509_10152190479422464_1934555545_nI know every pole dancer has suffered from this, I don’t know how to avoid it other than to build up the skin in that area, but I took a chunk out of my hand on Wednesday and it’s still not healed. I’ve had to wear a Band-Aid on it while dancing at home so as not to make it worse. And everyone knows that when you have to wear a band-aid it seriously messes with your grip and makes it hard to pole, but if I want to be able to pole properly on Wednesday then I have to protect it and not make it worse.

So I hope the lot of you can take a peek at my new art tab up above, you can also check it out by clicking HERE!

I’m hoping to have some up in my Etsy shop within the week, I just need to figure out cost of shipping and such. Sorry for a short post but I have to get back to my poor sick baby! So until tomorrow mes amours!

Routines and Shoes, what a girl loves!

I’ve been going on a pole video watching spree! There are so many amazing pole dancers that I aspire to be like. I’m going to show you some of my favorite videos on YouTube of dancers I consider to be amazing. Although there are many of them these are definitely favorite.

First off we have one of my absolute favorites, Roxanne by Anastasia Sokolova. This dance is just so beautifully artistic and the moves are just mind boggling. She’s also one of the most beautiful people I’ve seen on this planet which certainly isn’t a bad thing! She is definitely someone that I aspire after and when I’m at the strength level where I can pull of some of the higher skilled moves I know she’ll be someone I’m going to study day and night. She has just the right amount of sensuality to go with her routines that it creates a perfect balance.

Another routine that I love is Poisoned with love by Sergia Louise Anderson. This a very technical routine, lots and lots of moves. But every time I watch it I absolutely can’t take my eyes off it. It’s so amazing! I really don’t know the names of half the moves she performs to be honest, I’m not at a high enough level to perform half of them. Now I am not a clown lover, in fact I’m quite the opposite, I don’t like clowns at all. They’re too happy and it’s creepy! But I would gladly paint my face to perform a routine like this. It was also an excellent choice of song to use in the routine, it made it very powerful. She performed this routine at the 2013 National U.S Championship level 4. One more thing I love about this routine in the dance aspect, obviously this woman has taken some other type of dance, if she hasn’t then I’m even more impressed but this is something I have no background in so maybe one day I’ll take a class in it.

The next routine on my list of awesomeness is Naughty Ballerina by Michelle Shimmy. This woman, I swear her hips aren’t attached to her body. Can she ever shake that booty! Also something I’m not good at but want to practice at. But how does one practice shaking a booty that’s not there! Squats, that’s what I figure, get the booty, get the muscle, and shake the muscle! So I’m working at it! This routine is a very sexy routine, it’s artistic in its own way but sometimes you know what, you just want get down and dirty and get sexy, and shimmy definitely nails it!

Now to show you one close to home! This is a routine by a couple of girls from the studio I’m at. It’s Applause by Julie and Chantelle. It was a routine they performed at Sexapalooza back in October, this is something I hope to do one day. I don’t know if I’ll ever compete but I’d love to perform. Now this is a really impressive routine to me because it’s a doubles routine, not only is it plain hard to stay in time with someone else but they also both go on one pole which is flabbergasting to me. This is something that I hope to do one day with one of my pole girls.

So those are some of my favorite routines, I would have added more but I didn’t want to completely bombard you with videos. It’s so very hard to pick your favorite routines, but I figured if I’ve watched them 10 times then I probably really like them.

I forgot to share a picture yesterday! I got some new shoes from a local sex store the other day. Love the girls that worked there by the way, they were very helpful and friendly, not only that but the girl who rang up my shoes put a smile on my face for the rest of the night. Let me explain, there’s a strip club attached to the sex shop (surprise!) and I guess the girls there get a discount, so after I had explained the shoes were for pole dancing she decided to be ever so nice and give me the dancers discount. Of course I laughed, but you know what, any money saved on shoes is a deal! After the receipt came out she said that the only thing I had to do was sign it with my stripper name. I jumped on that request! So I scribbled down Pandora, which I now realize I have to practice on because if I ever had a stage name, it would most definitely be Pandora! Pandoraxxsin has been my gamer tag forever! (Feel free to add me to xbox) And my name in WoW was also Pandora, and pretty much any game that has ever needed a name, it has been Pandora.

So that pretty much made that night for me. Oh and here are the beautiful shoes I bought. They’re pleasers and I’ve never owned a white pair of shoes but these are so damn pretty! The heel has crystals in it that are all sparkly, love them!

ShoesI decided to leave the other smoothie recipe for tomorrow so as not to overwhelm you guys. So until tomorrow mes amours!

Pilates, Pole and …P…injuries!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I sure did! I didn’t do much, but I did spend time with my family which is always a good day to me. My mom and step dad are pretty amazing, because my daughter is learning to skate this year they decided that on the warm day this week to dig out in the backyard a small rectangle and have started to make a rink! I’m very excited, but we have to wait a couple of days for it to actually fully freeze, but my daughter is ecstatic!

I too am excited for this week, on Tuesday I start Pilates! I’ve never tried class Pilates, I’ve only tried home Pilates, so I’m excited to see how this goes. My only concern is that it’s the day before pole, so I’m hoping I’m not too tired for pole the next day, but my choices were either Tuesday or Thursday, so it was either be sore for Pilates or sore for pole, but I’m taking the class with my aunt and Tuesday turned out to be the better day.

I love the idea of Pilates, how it works on your core muscles, and it’s funny because it looks like the easiest exercise compared to lifting weights at the gym, but you know what, when you’re using your body weight it’s just as hard. Not only is it more awkward to lift but for me it’s lifting 135 lbs. I’m looking forward to building a stronger more stable core, because that’s something that you need for pole, so it really is going to benefit me, even if I am sore the next day for pole (which won’t stop me from trying my hardest at pole!) I just can’t even imagine how I’m going to feel on Thursday, it’ll definitely be a rest day that’s for sure!

So I think I mentioned last week that we’re learning our new level 6 routine, it’s to Rihanna’s Rockstar 101. And the first little bit is pretty easy. Spiral, diamond to chair, spinning eagle to fireman, spin under the arm, grind it down the pole, L turn, hip up, body wave, fan kick to back arch (Some of the terms may be different where you come from but these are the names I’ve learned them as) So I was like, pfftt this is easy! Then I got home and it hit me, oh they actually have this routine up on their YouTube channel. So of course being pole obsessed and just generally ambitious when it comes to pole, I thought I`d look ahead and learn some more before the next class.

Well wasn’t I just blown away! The first part is cake compared to the rest of the routine, I understand why my teacher ended where she did for our first class back. Right after the back arch you flip upside down and do the thigh hold. Which I can do but it’s so fast and the thigh hold is still something I have to think about when preforming it, trying to remember which leg goes back and which one remains on the pole, so you know, I don’t fall right on my face!

Here’s the video of the routine with two very talented teachers, the one on the left is my teacher. The thigh hold is not a problem, it’s the multiple holds in a row that I`m scared of. It`s something that I have never done, and I’m completely looking forward to, don’t get me wrong, but I`m a little scared because I have issues with some of the moves. At one point it goes from the butterfly to flatline to starfish. Now on their own I can do the butterfly and starfish, but I have some issues with the flatline. I’ve been practicing hard at it but again it`s another move that confuses me, what goes where?!

I learned something the other day, do not skip warm up, it’s very important. I was eager to show my love the beginning of the new routine so I was like “Warm up? What evs!” (Yes I just said what evs. I didn’t actually dismiss it that easily but I was overly excited and kind of just didn’t bother) but do I ever regret it. I pulled something in around my shoulder blade, to the point it hurts when my shirt touches it. Don’t skip warm up people! It’s dangerous! And I know I should probably take it easy but I really can’t, well not that I can’t, but I really don’t want to! That would mean no pole, but also injuring myself further would also mean no pole. It’s very conflicting!

Today before I leave I’m going to give you one of my favourite smoothie recipes! Strawberry Kiwi!


1-2 Kiwis

1/2 cup of frozen or fresh strawberries (if you’re using fresh I suggest tossing a few ice cubes in there as well)

3/4 – 1 cup of almond milk

1 scoop of protein powder (I used vanilla flavored, yum!)

1/4 cup of greek yogurt (Make sure you get one with no trans fats)


Looks yummy!

Throw in your fruit first, I do my smoothies in my magic bullet because it’s awesome, but blenders work just as well.

Throw in the rest of the ingredients and then blend, blend like you’ve never blended before!


Doesn’t it look delicious! (and magical)

Well it was!

This smoothie keeps me full all morning until lunch, although sometimes I have a snack in between just because I know it’s healthy.

Tomorrow I’ll have another delicious smoothie for you! I love smoothies, there’s no denying it. For someone like me who has issues with eating right in the morning because it hurts my stomach sometimes, these are perfect because it’s not hard on it at all.

Until tomorrow mes amours!