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Beginner moves! Because everyone has to start somewhere!

Good morning beautiful people! Today’s a good day, today is a sushi day and a day I get to spend with my family because it’s one of those rare days that my love actually has off. There is also currently a beautiful snowfall outside, which is always nice to watch… from inside obviously.

Today’s post is also a good one, today I’ll be going over some beginner pole moves with you! I’ve made some gifs and I’ll also add a description to the side of them. First remember to always stretch and warm up before preforming any moves! You can find my warm up routine HERE. Remember, I’m not an instructor yet so follow my instructions at your own risk, do not attempt anything that you feel is too uncomfortable, and prepare to use a lot of upper body muscle. Also these moves are named as I have learned them, unfortunately there are so many different names for the same moves, it just depends what studio you’re at!

I apologize for the darkness of the gifs, my main floor isn’t very well lit. Alright lets get to it!


The basic of basic, the first move you learn ever! The fireman spin!

First off, your inside arm (the arm closest to the pole) goes high.

Hook your outside ankle around the pole.

Lean away from the pole and swing forward, bringing your opposite leg up and behind the pole.

Don’t grip for dear life with your feet though, that’s how you wind up with nasty bruises on the tops of your feet.


SunwheelThe next move up on our list is the sunwheel!

Again, inside arm high.

Hook your outside ankle again as well.

But this time after you lean away and fall forward, instead of bringing your opposite foot behind the pole, you’re just going to lift and hold it out.

As silly as this sounds I’ve always thought of it as a dog peeing on a fire hydrant.


Backwards Sunwheel

Let’s switch it up! Now for the backwards sunwheel.

This time your outside arm is high (the arm furthest from the pole)

I find these moves take some getting used to because you need the lady balls to let yourself fall backwards.

Inside arm is low.

Bring your outside leg out and let it, and your body fall back, and as you do lift those legs into that dog peeing on a fire hydrant position.


Front hookFront Hook!

Inside arm is high.

Inside leg hooks up onto the pole.

Then just let your body fall out and forward .

Bring that other leg up as you spin and push those hips forward to give yourself a lovely form.

This move can be done with one hand but until you’re comfortable with two hands, do not attempt it.

back Hook

And of course this move has an opposite just like the sunwheel called the Back Hook.

Your outside arm is high, inside arm is low.

As you fall back with this one you’re simply going to lift up the leg closest to the pole and hook it. There’s very little movement with this one, it’s simpler than it looks.

Remember to point your toes!

This move also looks beautiful if you spin it right to the floor!


Chair Spin

The next move is the Chair Spin!

Another really simple move.

Inside arm is high, outside arm is low.

When you fall forward just bring your knees towards your chest and sit as if you were sitting in a chair!

Straight forward right?


Backwards Chair Spin

This move also has a reverse! Backwards Chair Spin.

Outside arm is high, inside arm low.

Leg out and let your body fall back.

As you do bring your knees to your chest and sit as if you were sitting in a chair.

These moves are good as transitions out of moves, such as carousel, which I might as well show you next.



This move is called Carousel, you guessed it!

These types of moves are my favorite because you just get to throw your body.

Inside arm is high, outside arm low.

As you lean forward and away you’re going to lift your legs behind you and don’t forget to arch that back!

This move is often paired with others as spin combos, such as carousel and back hook. But I’m not going to show you spin combos in beginners, I know you’re eager but patience equals perfection.


Spinning Eagle

This move is called the Spinning Eagle!

This is kind of a harder move because it really depends on the flexibility of your hamstrings. Even I can’t lift my legs as high as I’d like.

Inside arm is high, outside arm is low.

Swing your outside leg out and around and lift both of those legs as high as you can. This move can also be preformed with the carousel and it’s one of my favorite combos.



Fan Kick

This move is called the Fan Kick.

Your inside arm is low, your outside arm is high

This is a hard move to describe so really watch the gif.

Your inside leg is the one that’ll be kicking first and you follow it around with your opposite leg and spin




And lastly, it’s not a spin but it’s one of my favorite transitions in a routine because it can be preformed as fast or as slow as you’d like and it gives you time to catch your breath before you have to spin yourself into another whirlwind!

Start with your feet relatively close to the pole.

Start with your hips towards the pole then drop your booty down and around as you roll your chest into the pole as you go back up.

Practice this one in the mirror, it makes it 1000 times easier!



So those are some beginner moves! Practice them and love them because they are the start to some really impressive moves. They build muscle and get your body used to swinging around the pole because sooner or later you’re going to wind up having to do moves that require some major lady balls to perform and these will give you confidence.

Until tomorrow mes amours!