A Short Post…it’s just cold in here I swear!


I had a very Canadian weekend! I was up bright and early on Sunday (although I’m up at 6:30 every day regardless because that’s the life you live with young children) to watch the gold medal game. It was a fantastic game, not just because Canada won but because of how well the boys played. But I have to admit, it was nowhere near as stressful as the Canada Vs USA game, it was a tense game! You know the whole arch rivals, grrrrr! Having gotten gold in both the womens and mens hockey made me very proud to be Canadian, I know it’s not the only game in the Olympics but come on, I’m Canadian, it’s the most important to me!

So I’d love to have some pictures up of pole, I really would but I’ve been having trouble getting the will power to work out, I’m sure it’s because of the winter, I’m sure it’s because my brain is so full of stuff right now it’s just weighing me down. On Friday I was attempting to get into the superman from the star fish on my pole at home and wasn’t able to get my leg around enough and dropped. When I dropped it sent a shooting pain through my arm, the pain I get from doing starfish and extended butterfly too much, but it was instant and it was sharp. So I’ll be going to the doctors this week or next because this is getting ridiculous. I had to stop after that because it was just too painful, but I still managed to stretch because I’m am determined to get my splits!

Do you ever have trouble motivating yourself to work out? What do you do to kick your butt in gear? Let me know in the comments below, I’d be eternally grateful!

Just so you know I’m switching back to my schedule of posting Monday, Wednesday and Friday until things become a little better on my end. So until Wednesday mes amours!


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