SAD & how you can help!

Hallelujah it’s a miracle! I did pole all last night and my wrist is okay today! I’m so relieved, I can now go back to working out at night. My stretching has suffered but it’s all for the greater good! We did the routine at least 3 times last night, practiced moves. It was also spinny pole night, which I loath. I’m not good with spinning pole, it makes me super nauseous, which I was all the way home and into bed. I fear that will be the main reason I will never compete, I just can’t handle it. I still want to teach though I feel like I could still do that and I still want to.

Alright today I’m going to talk about something not so pole related but effects a lot of people, especially in Canada and especially myself.

The winter blues…


The winter blues affects 15% of Canadians, or the more serious SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) affects 2% – 3% of Canadians. Why this is important to me is because I am also severely bipolar so imagine the uphill battle it takes to get through the winter, now add a bipolar boulder and you’ll get an idea of how this affects me.

When the Christmas high ends and you’re left with cloudy cold days that seem to last forever it’s no wonder we suffer. I am not a winter person at all either, I don’t snowboard, I don’t ski, I take my daughter out but I count the seconds until I can go inside.

What are the symptoms of the winter blues?

Low energy levels


Increase in appetite

Weight gain

Increased desire to be alone

It’s important to get checked by a doctor though, I am not a doctor, if you think you may have SAD then go to your doctor right away and see if they can make a diagnosis and makes sure it’s not something more serious like anemia!

Now I’ve hit lows lately of just bursting into tears because I’m going absolutely stir crazy in my house. So I started to do some research and these are some of the hints and tricks I found around the web. Although if you’re like me and bipolar is a serious issue for you then I’m not sure if they’ll work, but we’ll see, I’ll be the guinea pig!



This is something I do nearly every day, and while it gives me temporary relief, mainly right after working out, it doesn’t seem to last, at least not for myself. Now this doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it, don’t get me wrong, it keeps my weight in check which makes me happy but it still doesn’t seem to last. So let’s move on!

Eat healthy

Quinoa Edamame Salad

Quinoa Edamame Salad

This is something I need to work on, refined and processed foods devoid the body of nutrients it needs, and that effects your energy level and moods. You need to eat more complex carbs such as whole wheats, veggies and fruits! I am definitely lacking in that department, my appetite has done the exact opposite and I don’t eat as much right now because I’m just too upset to eat. So I guess my grocery list will be a little different this weekend.

Let the sunlight in

Open those blinds, pull back those curtains and let the sun shine through, you need it! Sun boost your serotonin levels which is the body’s natural feel happy hormone. Now this isn’t always easy to get in the winter, winter is so dark a lot of the time, but now that were reaching the tail end of February the sun will be making an appearance more frequently. Now I know for myself, the morning is full of sunshine through my front windows, so I’m going to try to just lay on the ground in the sun for 15 minutes. See how that works out. If you’re not afraid of the cold, get out for a 15 min walk every couple of days.

Throw a party!

I like this suggestion, it sounds fun. Don’t use this an excuse to drink your face off because that can actually be counterproductive. Something you could do is plan a murder mystery party, they’re loads of fun and can be done at any point in time, and it’s not just for Halloween.  Having some social support around you might be just what you need, I know that when my best friend comes over I always forget about being sad and have lots of fun chatting with her and just hanging out.

Get that Green Thumb out


Peace Ivy

Apparently something that is suggested is to get some house plants and get gardening. Plants brighten up the place, and if you get something like a peace ivy that has air purifying qualities and that’s even better! I do love plants so this might be something I take a look into.

Artificial Light

Light therapy has apparently worked in 80% of SAD, you can buy a machine off of Amazon, they range anywhere from 40$ to 140$ and up. Light therapy works by mimicking natural light to give you that release of serotonin that the sun does.

So these are just some of the things you can do to try and nip that SAD in the butt. These were the ones that made sense to me, but do your own research as well on different sites because you may find something that sounds like it would work even better for you personally.
And just think of it, spring is just around the corner, only a little more of a push. I am crossing my fingers that I can just push through it without losing my mind.

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