Spins & Missing Skin

Sorry for missing Fridays post but I had a horribly sick child on my hands. The poor girl got a chest cough and a fever, and this is a little girl that never gets sick, so she was absolutely miserable! She’s feeling better today, just got her voice back, just in time to whine. She’s been sleeping in my bed with me since she kept waking up in the middle of the night crying, and it was this little new born baby cry because she has no voice, it was heart breaking.

So needless to say I haven’t been able to pole much over the weekend. I got a half hour in last night but with breaks of going upstairs to calm her down. I don’t think it helped that the skin on my legs squealed along the pole when I was going down, I think that may have woken her up.

SpinDismountThere’s a new move I saw in a video the other day that I am determined to learn. It’s pretty much a dismount, I’ve included a gif to the side here. Now it doesn’t look like it’s really hard but it turns out that holding yourself up on one arm is quite tiring. Especially when you’ve broken the arm that you’re bracing on. I work on that arm strength often but it’s still not up to par with where I need it. But when I was first doing the supergirl (or reverse superman as it’s sometimes known as) my arm would shake like crazy and recently I haven’t had that problem so obviously the muscle in my arm is growing stronger. The other problem I had was keeping myself up with the grip she uses, it’s a very awkward way to grab the pole with enough strength to lift yourself. I’m hoping to get this move down before Wednesday so I can show the girls, unless they actually read my blog, in which they now already know about it!

1560509_10152190479422464_1934555545_nI know every pole dancer has suffered from this, I don’t know how to avoid it other than to build up the skin in that area, but I took a chunk out of my hand on Wednesday and it’s still not healed. I’ve had to wear a Band-Aid on it while dancing at home so as not to make it worse. And everyone knows that when you have to wear a band-aid it seriously messes with your grip and makes it hard to pole, but if I want to be able to pole properly on Wednesday then I have to protect it and not make it worse.

So I hope the lot of you can take a peek at my new art tab up above, you can also check it out by clicking HERE!

I’m hoping to have some up in my Etsy shop within the week, I just need to figure out cost of shipping and such. Sorry for a short post but I have to get back to my poor sick baby! So until tomorrow mes amours!

One thought on “Spins & Missing Skin

  1. Hey! I used to get rips as well but from lifting – basically the thing that worked for me was just letting callouses form and keeping them filed. The skin eventually gets harder and doesn’t tear as easily! I hope your wee girl gets well soon! (love the art!)

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