Pole Fitness banned? Uneducated people should not be allowed opinions!

Not everyone is aware but there is a push from the pole community to have Pole Dancing become part of the Olympics, and I full heartily agree. I think it’s such a display of strength, discipline, flexibility and artistic demonstration that there is no reason not for it to be. Unfortunately to break the attachment that pole fitness has with strip clubs is seemingly hard. Some people just don’t have the ability to separate the two, which honestly I can kind of understand, to a degree. For those who haven’t familiarized themselves with pole fitness would probably assume “oh it’s just grinding the pole with a bit of cardio” but for those who have seen pole fitness, and watched pole art should know better. And those who refuse to educate themselves should not be allowed to have an opinion.

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If gymnastics wasn’t so well known I’m sure people would look at it strangely too. They have interpretive dance with an amazing display of flexibility and strength, but none the less it also can be a dance (it really depends what kind of gymnastics we’re talking about).

The reason I’m talking about this is because I read an article the other day, from October, which spoke of a university in the U.K banning their pole fitness club because it’s too reminiscent of the sex industry. Are you kidding me? What under the rock, uneducated, narrow minded nit-wit said this?! This absolutely outraged me.

Now I’m guilty of making the stripper jokes, but that’s exactly what they are, jokes. Because I’m a relatively positive person so I’m okay with joking about these things, but it always ends in “in all seriousness”. I do take pole fitness seriously, I practice nearly every day, and I’m consistently trying to teach myself new moves as well as remembering routines. It’s a lot of work, and I don’t do it to be “sexy” I do it for me, I do it because it’s fun and it’s amazing!


Look how sexy that looks!…Obviously I don’t do it to be sexy! I’m on the floor all sweaty and gross afterwards!

Not everyone decides they want to perform, which is perfectly fine, some people just enjoy the fitness side while others enjoy the addition of dance. What I find troublesome is the sexism that is included in the ban of this wonderful sport. In reality both men and women involve themselves in this sport. Just like football is a male predominant sport, pole just happens to be a female predominant sport, just like gymnastics!

I am irked by the fact women rights activists also voted to have Pole banned from the university. I’m sorry, you want women to have rights? But you’re going to vote away the right for them to exercise and tone their bodies in a way they choose? It’s these types of women that make feminism seem like such a joke. Rosie Inman, a woman’s officer at the Swansea University is one of these women. Don’t fight for women’s rights if you’re going to take it away just because your brain is corrupt with a male dominant society. She’s a pawn, yes some women are forced into the sex industry, but a fairly high percentage are in there voluntarily. I feel like this woman didn’t do her research, the porn industry is actually the only industry where the average female salary is higher than mens. And these women choose to be in the industry. DO NOT take away a woman’s right just because what she’s doing has been perverted by men.

You can read the short debate between Rosie and Bethan Morris, President of the Pole Fitness Society, here!

I’m really hoping they make the decision to overturn that vote because at the moment I’m shaking my head at them and laughing. But at the same time I feel bad for the women (and men) there who have to deal with the stupidity that is the close mindedness of the student vote. Obviously these people have some sexual issues of their own if they can’t realize that pole fitness has nothing to do with stripping or lap dancing. To ban people from fitness, healthy living and empowerment is ridiculous and I am baffled that people can be that close minded! 

Tomorrows post will be about the new things I learned last night, but right now my daughter has gymnastics so I have to run to that. Until tomorrow mes amours!


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