Machine Guns of the Pole Dancers

 Last night was my very first Pilates class that I’ve ever took. It was pretty fun, I went with my aunt. It was a little hard, I sweated a bit, but I think they were just taking it relatively easy on us because it was the first class, not to mention half of us have never taken a Pilates class before. It’s not like I haven’t done Pilates before though, I did follow Blogilates for a while so the roll ups weren’t as hard for me as they were for some of the people in the class because I do them nightly as part of my warm up before pole.

But I’m glad they went easy because it’s Pole Day! And I definitely don’t want to be sore or tired for pole tonight. I’m excited to continue with our routine, especially because I nailed a couple of moves the other night. The first move to move I’ve ever been able to do is official the flatline to starfish! Firstly I got a move that had been a little hard for me to understand, the flatline, but the fact I was able to transition from it to starfish is amazing to me. Another accomplishment to check off my pole list!

So I’ve decided on another move I want to nail down by the end of this year, but it really depends on how fast I can manage to complete another one of my goals, the front splits.

The Machine Gun. I love this move but honestly there’s obviously no way for me to get it before I get my front splits, so I really have to practice those.

Alright today is a short post because my family and I are going for portraits this morning. Got to go practice my smile! CHEESE!


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