Routines and Shoes, what a girl loves!

I’ve been going on a pole video watching spree! There are so many amazing pole dancers that I aspire to be like. I’m going to show you some of my favorite videos on YouTube of dancers I consider to be amazing. Although there are many of them these are definitely favorite.

First off we have one of my absolute favorites, Roxanne by Anastasia Sokolova. This dance is just so beautifully artistic and the moves are just mind boggling. She’s also one of the most beautiful people I’ve seen on this planet which certainly isn’t a bad thing! She is definitely someone that I aspire after and when I’m at the strength level where I can pull of some of the higher skilled moves I know she’ll be someone I’m going to study day and night. She has just the right amount of sensuality to go with her routines that it creates a perfect balance.

Another routine that I love is Poisoned with love by Sergia Louise Anderson. This a very technical routine, lots and lots of moves. But every time I watch it I absolutely can’t take my eyes off it. It’s so amazing! I really don’t know the names of half the moves she performs to be honest, I’m not at a high enough level to perform half of them. Now I am not a clown lover, in fact I’m quite the opposite, I don’t like clowns at all. They’re too happy and it’s creepy! But I would gladly paint my face to perform a routine like this. It was also an excellent choice of song to use in the routine, it made it very powerful. She performed this routine at the 2013 National U.S Championship level 4. One more thing I love about this routine in the dance aspect, obviously this woman has taken some other type of dance, if she hasn’t then I’m even more impressed but this is something I have no background in so maybe one day I’ll take a class in it.

The next routine on my list of awesomeness is Naughty Ballerina by Michelle Shimmy. This woman, I swear her hips aren’t attached to her body. Can she ever shake that booty! Also something I’m not good at but want to practice at. But how does one practice shaking a booty that’s not there! Squats, that’s what I figure, get the booty, get the muscle, and shake the muscle! So I’m working at it! This routine is a very sexy routine, it’s artistic in its own way but sometimes you know what, you just want get down and dirty and get sexy, and shimmy definitely nails it!

Now to show you one close to home! This is a routine by a couple of girls from the studio I’m at. It’s Applause by Julie and Chantelle. It was a routine they performed at Sexapalooza back in October, this is something I hope to do one day. I don’t know if I’ll ever compete but I’d love to perform. Now this is a really impressive routine to me because it’s a doubles routine, not only is it plain hard to stay in time with someone else but they also both go on one pole which is flabbergasting to me. This is something that I hope to do one day with one of my pole girls.

So those are some of my favorite routines, I would have added more but I didn’t want to completely bombard you with videos. It’s so very hard to pick your favorite routines, but I figured if I’ve watched them 10 times then I probably really like them.

I forgot to share a picture yesterday! I got some new shoes from a local sex store the other day. Love the girls that worked there by the way, they were very helpful and friendly, not only that but the girl who rang up my shoes put a smile on my face for the rest of the night. Let me explain, there’s a strip club attached to the sex shop (surprise!) and I guess the girls there get a discount, so after I had explained the shoes were for pole dancing she decided to be ever so nice and give me the dancers discount. Of course I laughed, but you know what, any money saved on shoes is a deal! After the receipt came out she said that the only thing I had to do was sign it with my stripper name. I jumped on that request! So I scribbled down Pandora, which I now realize I have to practice on because if I ever had a stage name, it would most definitely be Pandora! Pandoraxxsin has been my gamer tag forever! (Feel free to add me to xbox) And my name in WoW was also Pandora, and pretty much any game that has ever needed a name, it has been Pandora.

So that pretty much made that night for me. Oh and here are the beautiful shoes I bought. They’re pleasers and I’ve never owned a white pair of shoes but these are so damn pretty! The heel has crystals in it that are all sparkly, love them!

ShoesI decided to leave the other smoothie recipe for tomorrow so as not to overwhelm you guys. So until tomorrow mes amours!

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