Lady balls initiated!


Happy to be back to pole!

Something about pole that I don’t think a lot of people realize is that it requires a lot of guts to pull off some of these moves. Even moves that seem like they’re simple can be scary to do. I never realized this until getting into pole.

Sure there are some moves that are obviously scary, like the ball drop. Or switching from one move to the other, such as Gemini to Scorpio. But I never thought something like the cross ankle release would require so much lady balls!

Now I’m a very competitive person, even just with myself some days, so the cross ankle release has been driving me insane because I hadn’t been able to get it, and I felt like I had the strength for it, I was just scared to let myself fall back.

It’s very scary to just let yourself fall back, relying only on your thighs to keep you stuck to the pole, I don’t think my ankles have ever gripped harder together. But last night I laid out the crash mat and forced myself to grow the lady balls and let myself fall back, and guess what, I did it! I let out a nearly deafening shriek because I managed to do it.



My next task was to do it without the crash mat, and after a few moments of telling myself “you can do it, just do it, just let go!” I did it! I laid back and again, if I wasn’t attached to the pole I would have been jumping for joy.

For me pole has always been relatively easy you could say, I still had to build the muscle like everyone else, but there are very few moves that are taught to me at the levels I’ve been in that I could not complete after a few attempts. But the cross ankle release is one that has taken me quite literally weeks. Which is a completely new concept to me, and you know what, I enjoyed it. The sense of accomplishment that came with it was an amazing feeling.

Now to get my cross knee release down! I’m seriously backwards, but I find the cross knee release actually hurts way more than the cross ankle release.

Last night I briefly talked to my teacher about Sexapalooza and how one of the pole girls and I were going. I was telling her about how I want preform with them one year, and this brought us to how she needed volunteers for the booth, and I nearly jumped up and yelled “Me me me me!” But I cool and calmly told her that I of course would be interested in helping out so she said she’d stick me on the mailing list. I’d love to help out at the booth, that’d be so much fun to do.

Look at what I already do, I run a blog about pole and how amazing it is, if I was behind a booth, I would gush about how much fun and how beneficial pole is, how it helped me lose nearly 20 lbs (along with healthy eating)

I’m looking forward to Sexapalooza, it’s always a ton of fun. The shows are great, I love the burlesque. I’m really hoping I can help out, if not I plan to have a blast anyways.

Until tomorrow mes amours!

2 thoughts on “Lady balls initiated!

  1. Really enjoyed your blog. I am 54 and have been doing pole off and on now for almost 2 years. Just bought a pole. I am in level 7 and now I need the extra practice! Keep on blogging. I so relate to what you are saying!!

    • I am thrilled that you enjoyed my post! You definitely get better with a pole at home, I pole nearly everyday. Keep up with the good work, you’re amazing for having such dedication at 54 years young, I strive to be like that, you’ll hit advanced in no time now that you have a personal pole!

      I’m only in level 5/6 but can’t wait to see what we learn in the next levels, I’m very eager haha

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