Illustration by Leen Isabel of http://poledancingadventures.com/

Illustration by Leen Isabel of http://poledancingadventures.com/


OMYGOSHITSFINALLYTIMEITSPOLEDAYIMSOEXCITEDFORPOLEDAY! *Breath* I am wildly excited today! I was up early, make-up on early, my daughter probably thinks I’m crazy because I was dancing around with her singing “It’s pole day, pole day, got to get down on pole day!”

Yup, I’m that excited that I would do a parody of the song “Friday”! It has been far too long since I’ve been to my home studio. It has been weeks, WEEKS! And as much as my teacher probably has enjoyed her Christmas break she is now going to have to deal with me barging in there tonight and jumping up on that pole.

It’s not even that I haven’t poled in that long, I have my pole at home and practice nearly every day. There’s just something different about being in the studio. I’m like a dog with its head out the window when we drive there! Are we almost there? Are we there yet? Are we? Are we? Poor Danielle has to deal with my complete excitement, although I’m fairly certain that she’s nearly, if not just as excited as I am.

I’m of course also very excited to see Lucy again as well! I don’t get to see her outside of class nearly as much as I’d like to. I’m pretty sure we need a wine and pole night soon. It’s a lot of fun relax with a glass of wine and try to pole, it slowly becomes a glass of wine as we chat around the pole, because lets face it, we’re girls, we love to talk!

I’m especially excited tonight to get to do some level 6 stuff, maybe even the level 6 routine? I’m hoping for the level 6 routine anyways, it’s to rockstar 101 by Rihanna. We’re doing level 5/6 because we definitely needed a little more practice with level 5 moves. Like I still haven’t been able to get the cross ankle release down, it hurts my inner thighs so much. I’m going to have to suck it up and do it though.

Unfortunately my camera won’t be here until tomorrow but I’ll definitely have it for next class. I’m looking forward to getting some use out if it. Taking some pictures of the foods I make, some pictures of my daily life as a mom, and while there are picture upon pictures of people preforming different moves on the pole, I still am going to show off the new moves I’ve learned just because I like to take pride in the hard work I’ve done. I think everyone should be able to take pride in something they’ve worked hard for, it’s definitely something to be proud of!

Well until tomorrow mes amours! I’M SO EXCITED!

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