I love pole and it loves me!


So today I read an excellent article on PDBloggers.com. CLICK HERE to read the article for yourself, I highly recommend it for pole bloggers, but their philosophy can also be applied to any blog really!

They essentially categorized pole bloggers, and it’s very true, many of us fall into those categories, and it’s not in a bad way, it’s just shedding light on the lot of us. They are pushing many of us to connect with our readers instead of only showing off what we can do or concentrating solely on the sensual side of pole.

I’ve always thought of pole as an obsession, it started as a hobby, but it quickly became a lifestyle for me, and it wasn’t until I read this article that I realized just how much of a lifestyle it had become for me. My life right now, besides rotating around my family, also rotates around pole. My eating habits revolve around how it’ll help me for pole, even my sleeping schedule is to fit pole.

My pole is in the most used room in my house right now, so I’m consistently randomly spinning on it or practicing my split grip as I’m walking by. Not a day goes by where pole isn’t brought up in a conversation for me. I feel sometimes I drive my family crazy but I just can’t help it!

The article suggest bringing my readers on my journey with me, and with a purchase of a new point and shoot camera, I’ll be able to do just that. I’ll be able to bring you guys to Sexapalooza with me, I’ll be able to show you my daily routine and meals I eat that are specifically for pole. Not to mention I love to cook and bake so I’m thinking I’ll come up with some pole related meals or smoothies. I’ve already came up with some pole inspired creams.

Either way, I’m doing that thing where I start to ramble again. I need to work on that!

I want to share my journey with you all because it’s a very interesting journey that I have not taken before. I’ve never been huge into fitness until pole entered my life. It was so much fun, and different that I couldn’t help but fall in love with it. Even with the stripper comments, or the weird looks that come when I tell people that I do pole fitness, it really doesn’t stop me from speaking so passionately about it.

So until tomorrow mes amours, I think I’ve finally broken out of this block I’ve been experience for the past month and I’m excited to break out of it with you!


4 thoughts on “I love pole and it loves me!

  1. Thank you so much for writing a response post to the PDBLogger’s article. I really like that its inspired you and I look forward to seeing more in depth posts of your pole life! Also, yay for your GLITTER LIPS!

    • Thank you for the inspiring article! It was something I really needed to read. I absolutely love PDBloggers! And the themed pictures every week are such a brilliant idea to get people involved, caught my attention right away. Just another fantastic way to use my creativity!

  2. I actually really want to take a pole dancing class! One of my acquaintances recently went for it and told me that it’s super intense. I’m looking forward to it! Thank you for your heartfelt post! xoxo Olena

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