For the love of pole and all that is holy!

Oh my goodness! It’s the beginning of January and we are getting rain, and just last Wednesday it was -40 (which is the same in Celsius as it is in Fahrenheit apparently… freekin’ cold!) That’s Canada for you!

Yesterday was an amazing day, it was my baby girls first time on a skating rink. God she’s so much like me! She was crying when she got off the ice because she couldn’t skate like everyone else could right away. She has a competitive nature just like I do, which is great because she’ll be put in every sport possible because she’s part of my family who are a bunch of sport fanatics! So it’ll be soccer this year, and hockey in the winter, she’s currently in gymnastics.


Now onto pole. A part of me wishes I lived down in the states. Their pole universe is far wider than here in Canada. Mind you I’ve only been really involved with pole for about a year, but have come to love it so much it’s an obsession. I am on my home pole every day, and my dream for the future is to become an instructor here in my city, hopefully my home studio. I find it hard to write a blog about pole some days just because there’s not a lot of pole related stuff going on in my city. A blog I follow closely is Confessions of a Twirly Girl (If you have not been there go there now) She writes so well, but also has so much to write about! Her life really is all about pole and that’s how I want to be, but pole has led her to so many different situations, I’m jealous really!

I fell in love with pole when I went to sexapalooza, it was the first time I’ve ever heard about pole fitness. I took it soon after that at a local fitness club called Capital Miss Fits. But I had no idea how much I was missing out at this studio until I switched to 3sixty dance and fitness. I started learning routines, which was is so much fun, we got to dress up, again a hell of a lot of fun, and we learned way more in a much safer manor than I did at the other studio. It quickly became my home studio, and while I would love to be there more than once a week, without a vehicle it’s near impossible for me. My friend who’s taking the classes with me has a car so she drives, but if I had a car I’d be there for stretch class and pole jam.

Lyne Fortin of 3sixty Dance and Fitness

Lyne Fortin of 3sixty Dance and Fitness

My love of pole continues to grow and it’ll only get bigger from here!

2 thoughts on “For the love of pole and all that is holy!

  1. How awesome! Maybe pole’s what I’ll look into when my knees won’t let me do kung fu anymore.
    Also, I have to say that my son’s first day on ice skates remains one of the most memorable days ever – and he’s now seventeen.

    • I recommend pole to everyone I possibly can! It’s a very impressive sport, it takes a lot of strength and discipline. The only thing I’ve found it to hurt, at least on myself, is my wrists and forearms sometimes. But my left forearm is weak from breaking my arm plus it’s just a matter of building up the muscles. I’m not sure with Kung fu but I know when I took taekwondo we did a lot of flexibility training which is obviously very beneficial to pole.

      The more advanced levels are more holds and upside down while the beginning levels focus on spins, but I promise you it’s so much fun in every level but I obviously enjoy the more advanced levels but you definitely have to work to get there! 🙂

      Also when my daughter got on the ice for the first time I was like “oh my gosh, she could be on the Olympic team, she’ll be so good” typical mom dreams haha! It was a very proud moment to see her doing nearly nothing but it was everything to me.

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