Welcome to 2014! Hope you’re prepared!


Happy New Year! I don’t know about you but I had a blast, spent the night with good friends and good drinks. It was the first time in a long time that I haven’t gone down town and honestly it was great. Didn’t have to brave the cold or deal with the cab ride back! Also I didn’t spend like 100$ or more like I usually do.


How else would I bring in the New Year but on the pole!

I’m hoping to accomplish a lot this year in pole. I’ve done a lot of the beginner moves so I’m looking forward to the harder moves that’ll be coming with level 6.

One move that I am determined to get down is the cross ankle release. I’m so frustrated with this move! But that doesn’t mean I’ll be giving up.

The one thing that gives me hope is that there were moves that I could barely do at first that I can now do with ease. One being the wrist seat. At first that move hurt my wrist a lot and I found it hard to stabilize but it eventually became easy.

Or the extended butterfly; another move that was hard for me to do but became easier the more I practiced.


I spent New Years Eve with my best friend Danielle and her fiancé Steffi, as well as my boyfriend.

We drank a lot, played a game called catchphrase which was HILARIOUS! Seriously fun game, and seriously simple, which is always the best.

Funny story about the pole you see in the picture, it took us about an hour and a half to set it up because we had to find where the stud was. This consisted of us heading into the attic above the garage that is to the left. Danielle had to climb up above the room and measure it out. We didn’t have a stud finder and those are horribly unreliable as it is.

So that was fun! We were supposed to pole that night but by the end of finally getting the damn pole up we were to tired to pole. It was a lot of work!


As you can tell it was a pretty fun night!

It’s also nice to have a night where me and my love can just go out and relax, and yes hanging upside down on a pole is relaxing to me.

What are your pole resolutions? Any new tricks you want to learn? Routines you want to come up with to a certain song?

Something I’d really like to try once the weather gets warmer is street poling. My brothers’ girlfriend is a photographer and a really good one so I plan on investing in her skills to get some great photographs.

You can find her amazing skills here at Shannon Duncan Imaging 

I hope you had an amazing New Years Eve everyone! Celebrated it with friends and family, and hope your 2014 will every bit as amazing as mine will be!


From my love and I!

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