A good way to get out of writers block, write a post about writers block!

So I’ve been finding it harder and harder to come up with things to write about. It’s like my brain just does’t want to work, but I’ve been pretty stressed out lately and that probably doesn’t help either. Along with my writers block, I’m also having a drawing block, that’s due to a situation where I feel I was lied to and screwed over, what makes it worse is that it was by indirect family. My creative confidence took a hit so I need to learn to build some stone skin to deal with snakes who like to take advantage of people. Honestly I felt so betrayed to the point that I can’t even drink tea anymore because that’s what I did while I drew for them, and now it just reminds me of the disappointment, isn’t that strange! Anyways today we’re talking about writers block!

Writers block plagues a huge chunk of blog writers, coming up with new materiel daily or even weekly can be tasking, new ideas, new thoughts, new post to help other people. It’s a lot of work some days to come up with a post you hope is popular, especially when first starting your blog. Now I’m not a professional writer, I’m not even a good writer, all I have to say is thank goodness I know how to ramble and that there is spell check!

Here are some ways that I’ve heard of to aid you of becoming free of writers block.

Use a different writing tool.

As a blogger you are always on the computer, consistently typing, staring at a blank screen as that stupid little line blinks, waiting for you to start typing. Try stepping away from the keyboard; you can apologize to your computer later. Grab that pencil and paper and start scribbling down lines, random thoughts and see if you can manage to organize it.

Or if you’re not big on writing on paper, try switching your programs. If you use wordpress like I do you can type directly into the post box, try typing in word instead, increase the font, change the font style! Small changes can make a big difference.


Walk away!

Seriously don’t under estimate this, not only should you walk away but you should get out of your house, go for a walk outside, take a bus ride somewhere random, go visit a friend. Just get out! A change of scenery can help in a big way, just like pressing the reset button on your computer.


Write for yourself.

Some days your post have to be for you, can always write things beneficial for others. I do a lot of posts with routines, and stretches, moves and tips. But some days you have to just write about something you want to write about. Maybe something interesting that happened to you the other day, or something just totally unrelated to the topic of your blog.


Do something mundane

Sometimes your brain just needs a rest, do a mundane task that requires very little thought. Such as washing the dishes, folding the laundry, take a shower. Since it’s winter, get outside and shovel that driveway you’ve been avoiding!


Go through your photos

For a pole blogger like me going through pictures of my poling adventures can be a great inspiration. Luckily for us a picture is worth a thousand words, and I only need a couple hundred! I may get an idea of move I should explain, or maybe something that happened during class.


So that’s it, I’m going to try some of these for tomorrow, perhaps getting some more sleep would actually help as well. Until tomorrow!


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